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Thank you
Robin from Glendale

Great bars! (more...)

We Love Tanka Bar
Hilary from Flagstaff

Our family and friends love Tanka Bar! The bars themselves are delicious and nutritious, and best of all we love to support our indigenous relatives in a business that restores their relationship with the buffalo and the land (more...)

Hi quality products
Paul from Pendleton

I enjoy the high quality Tanka snacks. This is my third time ordering. The bars, bites and sticks are moist and flavorful.

I am glad to support a business on the Pine Ridge reservation (more...)

Tamar from DPO

We have been eating Tanka Bars since their inception. Excellent product, excellent company and customer service (more...)

No Subject
Kathryn from Yarmouth Port

We want to support your products made by your people (more...)

Amazing Natural Product
Dawna from LEES SUMMIT

Tanka Bars are amazing! Taste and texture are better than the other company products out there. My least favorite is the Epic products, they don't compare. Although Tanka is limited on flavor options, it isn't a drawback for us (more...)

Best bars on the market!
Janet from Cumming

Delicious, fresh, satisfying, clean eating, simple ingredients. I have one each day. They get me through the afternoon with great energy. I've tried every other bison product out there and this is by far the best (more...)

Tanka Spicy Buffalo Sticks
Debbie from Myrtle Beach

I love the Tanka Spicy Buffalo Sticks. They are a great snack at only 70 calories! (more...)

The Best!
David from Indianapolis

Accept no imitations - Tanka is the Original and Best! (more...)

Patsy from St. Paul

I'm a great fan of your product and have been purchasing locally for years but can't find locally. Is this a temporary situation? (more...)

So good
Robert from philadelphia

Tanka bars are the best (more...)

We LOVE Tanka
Katharine from Germantown

This is literally the best Jerky my husband and I have ever had. We rarely eat meat as it is, so this is literally one of the only meat products we eat. It's our treat and great fuel for working out and hiking (more...)

Best meat bars on the market
Guest from Greeneville

Don't be fooled these are the original meat bars, and still the best by far. Very glad to find out I can order direct from the company website (more...)

I love Tanka bars
Robert from philadelphia

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a delicious Tanka bar in Chicago and want to share the joy with my friends and Family. Thank you (more...)

Tanka bar order
Gary from Sioux Falls

I have replaced my energy bars with Tanka Bars and absolutely love them (more...)

Awesome recipe!
Benjamin from Columbia

I love your cooking--I always feel healthier and more energetic when I have a Tanka bar. Thanks for your great work! (more...)

Delicious satisfying filling tanka bars.
Richard from Denver

I hope I get the two boxes by next Tuesday so I can share them with my hosts in Germany. Hint, hint. Great on bicycle rides (more...)

Excellent Protien bars
Kristopher from Wilmington

I made the switch from con company Epic to these. Much better, actually buffalo meat and tastes sooooo good. 5 stars. I thank my friends for educating me on this one! (more...)

bars are the greatest! and perfect size.
Mike from Austin

Online store 48-count special is the way to go, freshness, price, delivery. I have them straight, or hotdog style on slice of toasted wheat bread folded over with extras! You can get creative with bars (more...)

tanka bite size
Tracy from Denver

Do you have the slow smoke original in the bite size 3 oz package? (more...)