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A repeat order!
Susan from Grants Pass

Tanka bars are so good and perfect for my business travel. I've introduced these to others and they are liked by all (more...)

Love Tanka products
Shirley from denver

I simply love the hot pepper buffalo stick, yummy snack! (more...)

tanka bars
glenn m.

Just made another order. Can't get enough! (more...)

Payment pages
Neal from Vaughn

PayPal listed, but no way to use it.

OBTW, Bites and bars are tasty (more...)

No Subject
Jean from Tucson

My friend and I just tasted one of the bars this morning and fell in love with them! I have been looking for a product with buffalo, because my body seems to digest it well. It also meets our needs for being gluten and dairy free (more...)

Great Gift
Zachary from Seattle

Delicious! (more...)

Tonya from Snellville

My whole family loves these. They are super tender and every flavor is awesome! (more...)

Tanka Bar
Gro from Leavenworth

I just ordered my first items due to the article in High Country News about how the indigenous bison bar was appropriated. I will try them for the first time when they arrive to my home. Excited to have high energy bars for hiking, skiing and backpacking (and maybe for eating while watching Netflixs) (more...)

Tanka Bars
Allison from Minneapolis

These are amazing. I eat them regularly and am now buying them in bulk directly from Tanka. Especially love the buffalo meat with cranberries and pepper blend bar, but others have been excellent as well (more...)

Love the Tanka bars!
Audra from Nashville

Great combination of flavors! The Spicy ones are my favorite (more...)

another order
Sue from Darby

LOVE your original Tanka bars. Share them with everyone I know. Great product, great cause (more...)

Tanka Bars and Sticks
Kathy from Englewood

I love both Tanka Bars and Tanka Sticks, they are an excellent, healthy snack! (more...)

So Excited!
Kayla from Lafayette

Have been following on twitter for a while, cannot wait to try these! (more...)

glenn from Ashland

I always re-order the spicy pepper bar and pepper blend. Very good products and good service (more...)

Thank you.
Robin from Glendale

I love you guys and Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
LR (more...)

Sounds so good, we have to try them
Willa from Long Beach

Thank you (more...)

Support Native American Businesses
Anne from Eureka

This product is delicious and wonderful and I am happy to support native goods. They are a company that is local to family of mine and I am happy to be able to locally support Native love life and work (more...)

Love you all
Elizabeth from Shelton

Thank you for all you do. I will continue to support you, as I have since you started. You are the originals! No one can take the truth away! Happy you do this work (more...)

Tanka bites
CW from Saint Petersburg

I Love ordering Tanka bites because it's good clean energy. Minimally processed and lightly seasoned, the real taste of the food shines through. Food, the way that the Creator intended. Thanks Native American Natural Foods! (more...)

bought on vision... looking forward to gifting and trying!
Michael from Deer Creek

I am inspired by your product and what you're doing with this company. I bought alone for this... thank you. I look forward to sharing as a gift for my father (more...)