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love your producdts
Sally from Langley

thank you for making wonderful products with healthy buffalo meat. wish your products were more available in stores (more...)

bars are great!
Mike from Austin

Longtime online buyer, freshest and best deal that way! Suggestion - they heat up nicely in microwave too, 60 sec @20% power. Put on toast with light condiments and fold over hotdog style! (more...)

Lisa from Jupiter

These are the best meat bars on the market. If you haven't tried them, you should (more...)

Excited for my purchase
Sarah from Waukesha

I've purchased their bars while I shop at my local grocery store and love they only contain bison meat.
I agree with the principles of the Lakota and am proud to support them buy purchasing their products (more...)

Order Tanka Bars!
Teresa from Butte

I'm excited to be able to try these bars and give as gifts too (more...)

I love them!
Guest from Boulder

These are so yummy and a good source of protein. Especially great for hiking and camping (more...)

Thanks again.
Robin from Glendale

Love your bars! (more...)

Charley from Acton

I'm a first-time customer, but read about Tanka in an article supporting Native American businesses. I'm excited to try this, your bars sound awesome! (more...)

Tanka Bar Slow Smoked Original
Gary from Sioux Falls

This is my 3rd reorder. Enough said! (more...)

Tanka Bars
Hap from Wilmington

Found you through website for the Sioux chef indigenous kitchen (more...)

Always a winner!
Susan from Grants Pass

I would get a box of each kind of bar if I could. Some kinds not available as they are out of stock. Just an example of the demand for this excellent product! (more...)

No Subject
Debra from Superior

I love Tanka bars. They've been difficult to find in the grocery stores in Boulder County (more...)

Tanka review
E. M. from Mountain View

Love the original. Looking forward to trying a couple new flavors. Hope to see the coffee one on the specials page to try sometime.
I also really like the mission/vision and it's definitely a combination of this and the product tasting good that pushed me into finally ordering online like I had been meaning too (more...)

No Subject
Lori from Derby

Tanka Original Bars are the best I’ve ever tasted! (more...)

Tanka bars
Julie from Hay Springs

I first purchased some of these when I was on a field trip with students. Ymmmm. I love the fact that they are natural with no additives. They are healthy and delicious.The students absolutely loved them too (more...)

Tanka bars
Nancy from Lexington

Have enjoyed them since they started making them!! Super protein snack (more...)

Warrior Bar
Robert from White Hills

Best meat/pemmican bar I've ever training and competed with (more...)

Tanka Bars
Randal from Eastsound

The best road trip snack food ever. The original trail trip snack food. A'ho (more...)

Love Tanka Bars
Wendy from Scarborough

These bars taste so good, like real food (more...)

Happy to contribute
Guest from Silver Spring

I was happy to hear that Tanka foods are made in partnership with the Oglala Lakota people of South Dakota. Looking forward to these tasty treats! (more...)