Dawn Sherman and me at the Tanka booth
at the KeHE show in Chicago.

Tanka makes a mark at the 2014
KeHE Holiday & Product Innovation Show

By Jenice Johnson, assistant director of marketing

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While it has been a few years since Tanka has had a booth at a KeHE Distributors show, Dawn Sherman, business manager, and I, were happy to represent our brand at this month's KeHE Holiday & Product Innovation Show in Chicago, IL.

For some retailers and KeHE sales representatives, this was the first time hearing about Tanka products. In other instances, we got to meet face-to-face with people already familiar with or selling Tanka. We also got to chat and reconnect in person with some of our favorite Natural Specialty Sales representatives.

Overall, the show was a great way to introduce Tanka and to reacquaint ourselves with retailers that currently work with us. And we even got to meet some of our fans who were there representing their own companies.

Crossfitter and gluten-free entrepreneur Lindsey Deitsch of XO Baking Co. is a Tanka fan and she has THE BEST lemon poundcake!

Kristen of Dr. Bronner's shows off her Tanka love while someone playfully photobombs in the background.

While in Chicago, we attempted to take a a selfie with a Tanka Bar Apple Orange Peel AND Lake Michigan, but it kind of failed.

We also paid a visit to one of the fanciest Whole Foods stores I've ever seen. We spotted Tanka Bars in the jerky section located in the frozen foods aisle at the Lincoln Park Whole Foods on Kingsbury.

Dawn at the Lincoln Park Whole Foods

On the final day of the show, my cousins stopped by our hotel to visit for a few minutes and I happened to of course have some Tanka Bars to share with them.

Troy, Addy and Sean Johnson

And much to our surprise, my youngest cousin, Addy, who is often very picky, became a quick fan of the Tanka Bar Apple Orange Peel. That's what I call success!