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A wonderful letter from a Tanka Bar fan

October 12, 2011

Editor's Note: We loved Kevin's review so much that we decided to move it to our blog section.

Hi Tanka team,

I have enjoyed so much watching your company grow and thriive. I tried your products very early on after you just started when an article in the rapid city journal announced your launch, and I loved the Tanka bars!

I ordered maybe once a year for the first few years, and this year I have been traveling so much on business, I hadn't ordered anything since last Christmas. After recieving my Tanka-email reminder that I haven't ordered in way too long, I logged on to Tankabar.com, and I just watched the youtube documentary from the British journalists. What a great story....

After you got your loan, what's your exit plan asked the banker?

duh banker guy, it's called death....

what a wonderful simple from the heart response...

You just don't get it do you banker guy?

I live in Indiana back in the US, I am currently working in and ordering my Tanka bars ($200 bucks worth - hope they get to Indiana soon) from Panama City in Central America where I am currently working.

Your e-mail campaigns and social media team just prompted me to order from 2,000 miles away, and now I can't wait to get home and wait for my shipment.

I'm returning back to the US tomorrow and will be coming back to Panama in late October, sure hope I have my Tanka bars shipped to me in Indiana by then so I can introduce them to my friends here in Panama.

Keep growing, keep producing a great product, get doing good for your people, I wish you the best, and hope my Tanka bars get to Indiana soon.....


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