'Delicious, healthy, high protein and low carb!' Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for October

November 13, 2013

Tanka fan Kati Barricklow in the Swiss Alps!

10.03.13 Awesome buffalo sticks! By Tony from Sioux Falls

I love the buffalo sticks the most. My only complaint is that the packaging is hard to rip open. The only way were going to get herds of buffalo back to the plains is if we eat some of them...

10.03.13 less sugar By Guest from staten island

Please make a bar/meat stick/bite with "less sugar/berries". they are too sweet and the extra sugar is not needed and not healthy! Thanks.
Original Native Americans didn't use any when they ate bison.

10.08.13 Tanka Sticks and Bites By Douglas from Sherman

I bought Tanka sticks and Bites at a local health food store and after one bite all I could say was WOW!!!
I just ordered more!!!
If you get the chance to try some, you won't be disappointed, Highly Recommended!!!!

Thanks Tanka for Great Products!!!

10.10.13 Your tanka bar products By Rosetta from Camden

I love them! They are a healthy, Paleo option, VERY low sugar (can you make a no-sugar bar?), easy to transport on trips. The best, healthiest bar out there. In my opinion, most others (equal from a nutritional, natural-product standpoint) have way too much sugar - even though it may be from a natural source such as dried fruit. I also love supporting your wonderful endeavor. Congratulations on your success and hard work.

10.10.13 Got our Tanka order today By Ralph A.

I would like to give a big Wopila to the Tanka Team from our family :) Our order arrived, and everything is great. My grandson really likes the summer sausage! Thank-you especially to Eugene, Junior, and Rachel for all the help

10.10.13 excellent product By Rose from Seattle

I purchased the traditional Tanka Bar while traveling and once I tasted it I wished I had bought more! It was the best I have ever had, and I was so glad that it is all natural. I looked at every rest stop from that point on and could not find another. So glad that you ship, I can't wait to get my order!

10.15.13 Tanka Bars By Desine from Pasadena

I first tasted these bars when I visited my native home in Lower Brule, SD. My sister told me their products were good but I was surprised at how great they are!! I brought some back to Pasadena TX and shared with friends.

10.18.13 tanka bars By Lisa from Jupiter

I'm a big fan of Tanka Bars and their pure natural ingredients without the harmful processed by-products. I'm thankful that you have been able to create these great products using authentic recipes & techniques from our Native American ancestors. And thank you for offering the specials it very helpful and affordable!

10.24.13 Love this product! By Myrya from Vancouver

Delicious, healthy, high protein and low carb!
I am able to manage my blood sugar and sustain energy easily by supplementing these bars as a snack.

10.29.13 Tanka Bites are a life saver!! By S from Frisco

I have food allergies and my functional medicine doc told me to have these with me when I'm out to keep my blood sugar level. I cannot have gluten, or nightshades - so the orange Tanka Bites are great! They are super tasty have saved me when I don't have access to anything in my Paleo diet. Please keep making these, and more that don't have spicy peppers or paprika in them (nightshades that many people have to avoid). Thank you Tanka!!

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