Gary Mule Deer and his adventures on the road with Tanka Bar

June 28, 2009 1 Comment

Gary Mule Deer and his adventures on the road with Tanka Bar

Gary Mule Deer at Rapid City Airport with one of his favorite snacks for the road

The following is a letter we received from veteran comedian and musician Gary Mule Deer about how Tanka Bars help make his life on the road a little easier.

Mr. Mule Deer ( has performed on nearly every major concert stage in the U.S. He has appeared on more than 350 television shows, including "The Tonight Show" and "David Letterman," and has entertained everywhere from the Hollywood Bowl to the Grand Ole Opry to Royal Albert Hall in London.

Thank you, Mr. Mule Deer, for taking the time to let us know how you feel about our awesome Tanka Bars!

Dear Tanka Bar folks:

I have been on the road 48 years and people ask me how I stay looking so healthy and have so much energy, and I tell them I eat lots of salmon and buffalo...They always say, "Buffalo"? and I say yes, twice a day and I tell them about Tanka Bar.

I have been eating them since they first came on the market and I purchase them by the box... One of my jobs is working as guest star in the Johnny Mathis Show, and I have the production manager and
the bass player and several orchestra members now order them online.

I have a good friend, Matt Greiser, who played "sign boy" in all of the commercials for Foot Joy golf shoes for the previous three years. He now orders them by the box and has turned a lot of his PGA friends onto them.

I do lots of celebrity golf events and shows every year and always have a few in my golf bag to hand out on the course.., Much better for you than candy and high-calorie energy bars and they are a great pick-me-up. I might add that they have greatly helped me reduce my high carb snack habit and my weight is easier to control than it has ever been.

I did a theater performance recently in Richmond, VA, and I stayed at the historic Jefferson Hotel... When I was checking in, the desk clerk (who was from Greece) notice when I signed the register that I was from the Black Hills and got really excited and told me that his dream was to visit the Black Hills someday and see the buffalo.

I pulled out a Tanka bar and said, "Well, maybe this will help until you get there."

He was so elated that he immediately upgraded me to a suite!

I hope these Tanka Testimonials by Gary Mule Deer will be helpful.

I'll keep you posted....
Mule Deer

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