'Good stuff from good people'

August 05, 2013

Photo by David Brown Eyes of his camera gear bag which is also filled with Tanka.

07.04.13 thanks By Kevin from amherst

these are excellent

07.05.12 Natives Supporting Natives By Delvis from Seattle

Natives Supporting Natives

07.07.13 The best hot dogs By Sara from Aumsville

These are the best tasting, best for you hot dogs you can buy. Shipped promptly, still cold, to my door. You can't go wrong here!

07.12.13 No Subject By Christopher from Long Beach

Very user friendly Website.
Wonderful Product!!

07.12.13 No Subject By Guest from Kenmore

I love your company and the values you stand for!

07.16.13 Hot Dogs By Beth from Atlantic

These hot dogs have wonderful flavor. Not too spicy. They are low in fat. Its a great choice!

07.22.13 Original Tanka Bar By Loretta from Santa Maria

My daughters and I discovered Tanka bars when we were in Boulder Colorado. My youngest daughter has enjoyed buffalo since she was 3 years old; and we are always on the lookout for the best product available. Last week I was doing some quick errands and my blood sugar was bottoming out. I just happened to be in REI and they had Tanka bars, so I purchased one. I felt instantly better after the first bite. Because of this, I am taking them with me on vacation (hiking).

I was so happy to hear your story today, when looking on line. This is a brilliant product; and I intend to try all you have to offer. I am so pleased to know of the integrity with which you honor and support your people.

Many blessings on your future endeavors.

07.23.13 Delicious By Guest from Manchester

Good stuff from good people!

07.23.13 Tanka Bars and Wild Sticks By Kim from Wichita

I love these products and am looking forward to trying the new flavor. I recommend everyone try something...I believe you will be hooked.

07.27.13 ingredients of some of your products By Sue from Longview

Being a Paleo eater, I was so excited to find your bar at Whole Foods.

By adding rice to some of your products, they become no longer Paleo-friendly.

Looking forward to possible new Tanka products that are Paleo!

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