"I spend a lot of time on the road and these work well for me"

September 05, 2013

Photo by David and Susan Jennys while hiking the Heart Lake trail in Yellowstone National Park.

08.01.13 Tanka bars By Kathy from Englewood

Love these bars! Found them in local shop and have been ordering these on line ever sense. Moist, chewy & filling. You know what your eating which is very important to me. Love Them!

08.08.13 Thank you! By Shawn from Minneapolis

I love these bars. It is wonderful to have easy healthy food options that support good people doing good things. I love that I can order them online which makes them much more affordable than at the co op.


08.09.13 No Subject By Connie from Fort Benton

I've eaten these for a year or two. Best jerky snack I've ever had. AND I don't have to worry about GMO or other nasty additives like MSG.

08.18.13 Great healthy snack By John from New York

Tanka Bites are a fantastic healthy snack cold or heated up. They have a mild smoky flavor mixed with sweet dried cranberries that is delicious! I first discovered Tanka Bites at a Whole Foods supermarket in NYC. I just placed my first order with Tankabar.com online. I look forward to trying more of these great products from Tankabar.

08.19.13 Tanka Bars By Judy from Irvine

I love these bars. I spend a lot of time on the road and these work well for me. No hassle with trying to find a place to get healthy food quickly for lunch
I have it with me. One of these bars and some fruit and I'm good to go.

08.21.13 Tanka Bars By Michael from Hoven

I read about this product in South Dakota Magazine and had to try them. I went through a box last spring,using them in the afternoon as a source of protein to supplement my workouts. They are fantastic and I am proud to be supporting a company that has its roots in my home state of South Dakota. Well Done!

08.21.13 Great for long rehearsals By Christopher from Los Angeles

As a musician I'm often in long rehearsals and run throughs and it's not always possible to step away from the kit to grab a bite. With Tanka products, I can have something that takes the edge off so I can keep focused on what's important. I've had the bars, the wild, and the summer sausage. I'm trying the bites for the first time and am sure they will meet the same quality as all of the other Tanka products. This is truly a great thing!

08.24.13 Lovin' Tanka Wild By Tracey from Glenmont

I cannot get enough of the Tanka Wild Sticks. Rice, buffalo and cran all rolled into one delish snack. I like my jerky, and as meat snacks go, this is probably my favorite. There are no beef snacks that have the slight nuttiness added by the rice the way Tanka Wild has. They do seen a bit drier than your usual beef stick you might get elsewhere, however that doesn't reduce the appeal any for this Tanka customer; if anything that's a bonus. Love these!

08.27.13 Good By L from Bernalillo

Initially ate a good tanka bar awhile ago. I don't remember what type it was. Concluded at the time, was VERY GOOD! Lurking to taste a GOOD TANKA BAR again. We'll see what my order brings me. Is there a TASTE ALL MENU order? GOOD JOB! Anticipating ORDER TO ARRIVE! Ahee'!

08.31.13 diabetic friendly emergency snack By Mary from Ithaca

We carry your Tanka bars and bites when we travel in case our plane or train is delayed or we are on a long road trip. MY husband is diabetic and there are enough carbs to give his blood sugar a small boost then plenty of long term protein to sustain his levels .

Friends take the bars on long canoe paddles in the Buffalo , NY area and love the new apple sticks as well.

We have introduced them to our roller derby friends in Hawaii and they love them as well.

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