"I've tried every flavor and they are all fantastic!"

March 04, 2014

"I've tried every flavor and they are all fantastic!"

02.02.14 Tanka products By Dylyn from prior lake

I absolutely love everything you guys offer. I've tried every flavor and they are all fantastic! I fell in love with the spicy bars and bites, I just can't get enough. Your company has opened my eyes to how delicious and nutritious Bison truly is and I really enjoy the positive attitude and message that you bring!

02.03.14 I love you, Rich Forney By Guest from Seattle

Happy Valentine's Day - but you must share. :)
I <3 U

02.05.14 Apple Orange Peel Tanka Bars By Sean from San Luis Obispo

These Tanka Bars have been a great pre-workout meal, they are packed with quality protein and taste great, I have two of them before my workouts!

02.09.14 Tanka Bar By Ida from Hillsboro

This Apache supports NANF! Tanka Bar products are the BEST. Thank you for your product.

02.12.14 bars By Lisa from Jupiter

These are the best for school snacks, golf and any other time you need a quick and easy food source.

02.12.14 Wonderful snacks! :-)) By Paneerak from Orland

We so appreciate the wonderful taste of the snacks, the only snag is the price, but yet we'll still order though! :-)) ..and advertise them as they're SO good for anyone that likes dried fabulously flavored meats!

02.13.14 No Subject By Patricia from Cincinnati

Love them. My son has multiple food sensitivities. Tanka bars are a great go to snack!!!

02.17.14 I love these Tanka Bars! By Benjamin from RICHMOND

Although they are available locally, they sell out faster than I can get to them. So glad that I can order them direct. These days it is so hard to find a quality preserved meat product that hasn't been tainted with hormones, antibiotics, and GMO plant fillers (and especially difficult to find one without SOY!) When I found these on the shelf at one of my local whole food haunts I was overjoyed to find that such a product was even on the market. After I tried my first one, I was hooked. I will not settle for anything less now. I HAVE to have my Tanka Bar!

02.22.14 Tanka apple sticks By Margaret from El Sobrante

Thank you soooo much for coming out with a version of the wonderful Tanka products without so much red pepper. For those of us with fussy stomachs on-the-go, this is THE answer!
I hope I am never without them again.

02.23.14 Spiritual connection By Jessy from Bismarck

I tried your Tanka bars at Cashwise in Bismarck, ND. I've always known I've had American Indian heritage (based on certain facts I know I may have Souix heritage), but I was adopted and so knowing that part of my personal identity and history has been a difficult task. It may sound strange, but when I eat your Tanka bars I feel a deep spiritual connection to my American Indian roots. I feel good purchasing this product and helping your business, and I also know that what I am eating will nourish my body. Thank you for making this product! Keep doing what you're doing!

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