"More than the product, I love what Tanka Bar stands for..."

November 12, 2014 1 Comment

A healthy lunch photo by @iamfawnzy featuring our new #TankaFund.org Jerky!

10.02.14 Ordering Tanka Bars By Jerry from winchester

Ever since I was at Pine Ridge I was going to order some of your products. Well after many months of procrastinating, I finally made it. I am looking forward to receiving my Tanka Bars. Thank you. JW

10.02.14 Tanka Original Bites By Lisa from Modesto

I tried these bites out of curiosity and I am hooked. They are absolutely delicious, so now I am back to try the ones with orange peel and the spicy. I hope they are as good as the original. I also love supporting homegrown businesses, the story behind the products is wonderful. If you are thinking about trying them, don't hesitate!

10.05.14 Yummy By Guest from Tucson

I have tried the regular and spicy buffalo sticks. I enjoyed them so much I ordered two full boxes of each product. Now I have the added convenience of ordering direct from the producer. I love this product. It is delicious, it is good for me, is sustainably produced and benefits the community. I can't wait to try the new flavors.

10.06.14 Perfect for lunch By Kimberly from Red Oak

I am a high school teacher and we average about 20 minutes for lunch, which includes getting to and from classes. I wanted a lunch that would fill me up during the long afternoon classes.

10.16.14 Great Product By Todd P.

The first time I had tanka bar, I wasn't very fond of it. But I recently tried it again and they must have changed it's ingredients or something! Instantly fell in love with it - plus where else can you get 7g of protein in a jerky that is minimally processed and natural?

More than the product, I love what Tanka Bar stands for. They are part of a nonprofit to bring more buffalo back to their homelands on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I personally think all companies should do this - pump money back into community issues rather than make individuals rich. I will continue to support their mission just as much as their product. Way to go Tanka Bar!

10.20.14 Tanka bar By monica from jackson

I tried your bar while traveling out west. I am gluten free and want to eat a healthier meat option and like the idea of buffalo meat as it is a much healthier option. This product is perfect and tasty too. So glad I found it. I am so glad the Native American community has developed this product and would like to support the product and the philosophy.

Thank you

10.22.14 A great product from great people! By Michael from Tucson

This is my second order. I have tried most all of Tankawild's products and can confidently say that they are delicious, healthy, and we'll made. Delivery was much faster than expected. These are habit-forming but at least it's a good habit! Thanks again guys.

10.28.14 Cranberry Buffalo Snack By Carlos from Medford

Amazing. Tanka was nice enough to offer up this product at SVN conference in Greenwhich and it was delicious!!! Also, it is so healthy and socially conscious, I can't wait to feed it to my kids. Thank you so much!!!

10.30.14 My Grandfather worked at BIA there in Pine River By Matt from Woodinville

I like hunting and wild foods, so I thought I'd give your products a try. I also remember that my Grandfather Matt M. worked on the Lakota reservation there, probably sometime around the 1940s and my mother was born at Pine Mtn reservation in MN in the early 1920s, so there's some family connection to that area and to your heritage.

10.30.14 Great taste By Bob from Bentonville

I tried your Buffalo Bar locally and loved it. Could not find the spicy one so I ordered online. Looking forward to arrival!
Great innovative way to snack!

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