Navajo band from New Mexico works to bring positivity to Native community

March 09, 2012

Navajo band from New Mexico works to bring positivity to Native community
Here at Tanka we know we have a very diverse audience that we connect with via Facebook, Twitter and MySpace every day -- some of which are musicians. We thought it would be great to periodically highlight our fans in music. If you would like to be featured, or would like to suggest someone we should feature, please email

Smooth Reign out of Gallup, NM, are an all-Navajo indie band that works with youth programs to prevent drug and alcohol addiction and suicide. Smooth Reign boasts being group that gives "positive energy" and is currently gearing up to tour.

Tanka Bar: Please give a short background of your band members.

Smooth Reign: Smooth Reign came together as four musically-talented individuals uniting to channel their inner creativity through the mediums of music, art, film, and theatre. Each member brings to the group their creative juices, strengths, and a strong mutual artistic desire to create a signature sound that when you hear it, can only be recognizable as their own. The group consists of four members who go by the monikers Dust-7, J-Cruz, Nuwol, Frisk 1 and The Band.

TB: Who/what influences your music?

SR: Our music comes from a variety of influences. To be more specific, the inspiration for our music truly comes from inside each of us. Each of us has experienced something in our lives that has one way or another given inspiration to the lyrics in our songs. Our music is about the human experience. The joys, pains, lessons and blessings. We try to touch on subjects rarely heard in songs today.

TB: How would you describe your music/sound?

SR: The sound that we are creating is a blend of Hip Hop, R&B, rock and the creativity that draws from our rich ethnic heritage.

TB: How often do you practice and perform?

SR: We are currently in our studio -- literally around the clock. That is, when we are not doing other things from our daily lives. Music is a large part of our world and we practice whenever possible.

TB: What is the craziest thing a fan did at one of your concerts?

SR: So far nothing we have seen would rate as "crazy" for us. Anything extraordinary a fan is willing to do in our honor is considered a show of respect. So to our fans: let your imaginations be free!

TB: How do you stay connected to your community?

SR: We stay connected with our community by constantly being aware and a part of it. We try to help our community by giving our time to aid in any cause that is beneficial for the community in whole.

TB: How are you using MySpace to gain exposure?

We actually just opened our account. We are currently utilizing other social networks to gain exposure in the global market. Our attention will be a little more focused on Myspace promotions in the near future. A member of our group has used Myspace in the past with tremendous success reaching over 300,000 fans and over 2 million page views.

TB: What funny or interesting routines do you go through before going on stage?

SR: Before we get ready to perform, we always get together and just tell each other "Whatever happens, happens. Just let the audience, the music and the moment take you." That's all we can do anyway -- is just give our best and have fun. How could we not when we are receiving the chance to do what we love? It is truly a blessing and an honor knowing that someone out there in the world is playing our songs, and hopefully our words will reach their spirits in some positive way.

TB: What are your goals for the band?

SR: Our immediate goals are to reach as many Native American communities this year as possible and share our music and our stories with those who will listen. We have so much in the works. Of course, our youth programs that we have or are currently developing, are a major focus in our careers. We want to give our Native youth opportunities that don't come easily or often to children living on or off reservations.

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