Summer Youth workers learn business, career skills

July 20, 2010

Summer Youth workers learn business, career skills
Each summer, the nine districts of Pine Ridge Reservation have a summer work program for the youth to work at various businesses on the reservation. This is a chance for the reservation's young people to learn how businesses are run, to gain financial management skills and to explore possible career options. Many of the youth are happy to get some extra spending money in the summer months, too.

The 11 young people working at the Thunder Valley e-Tanka Cafe here in our Tanka Bar Headquarters in Kyle, SD, will get a bonus with a trip to the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN, at the end of the summer.

Below, each worker provided a little information about who they are and their duties at the cafe:

Casey Provost Jr.

Casey works in the e-Tanka Cafe cleaning and taking out trash. His spends his personal time on Bebo or the phone. In his free time, Casey rides horses and plays football.

Kevin Hunter

"I am from Kyle and go to school at Little Wound High School. I am a senior. My duties for work are helping customers, keeping the cafe clean, and any community service Thunder Valley CDC needs done. In my free time, I love playing sports, rodeo and fishing."

January Tobacco

"I help out in the cafe and do what needs to be done. In my free time, I text my buddies or read a book. I also enjoy playing volleyball."

Dalton Buckman

Dalton works in graphics for e-Tanka Cafe. He spends his free time producing music, playing basketball, writing poetry and texting. He is a great motivator for his friends.

Ernest Weston Jr.

"My duties in the cafe change all the time. Usually I take trash out, clean and help out in the back (at Tanka Bar) with shipping. In my personal time, I just take it easy. I enjoy fishing, horse-riding and things I do best."

Journey Flying Hawk

"I help in the cafe and clean the cafe. I also clean the company car. In my spare time, I like to swim and sleep. I like to hang out with my sisters at their house."

Katelin Janis

"I do whatever needs to be done. I am a very outgoing person. In my free time, I like to read and take care of my little brother."

Lacy Steele

Lacy cleans and serves customers at the e-Tanka Cafe. In her free time, she enjoys texting, horse-riding and hanging out with her friends.

Maria Harris

Maria works at the e-Tanka Cafe. Her hobbies are drawing and chilling with her friends. "I love working at the e-Tanka Cafe. It's a great learning experience and I hope to gain confidence. I want to be more outgoing and I hope it will help me with my choice of career."

Sharay Brewer

Sharay will be a junior at Pine Ridge High School. She enjoys playing sports, reading the "Twilight Saga" and hanging out with friends. She said she enjoys working at e-Tanka Cafe.

Orie Brown

Orie will be a senior at Pine Ridge High School. His hobbies are basketball, lifting weights, fishing and hunting. "I would like to learn better work ethics from what I know," Orie said.

Lexxi Hunter

Lexxi will be a freshman at Little Wound High School. "I would like to learn how to work and run a business," she said. "I want to use what I learned from working at the e-Tanka Cafe in future jobs."

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