"Tanka Bars are delicious. They are my favorite hiking treats."

August 05, 2014

Our friend and filmmaker, Andrew Fredericks, showing off his Tanka Gourmet Buffalo Jerky at Ontario's French River delta.

07.01.14 Love you guys! By Lecia from Riverside

Learned about Tanka from a friend. Checked them out and FANTASTIC! It's hard to find good Paleo stuff! After checking out the website, I knew this was a company I wanted to support - thanks and keep up the good work!

07.03.14 regular bars By Steven from Traverse City

We use these on backpacking hikes up in the mountains and they are great. I'll never buy beef jerky in the grocery store again!

07.06.14 Tanka Bars and sticks By Geri from DeForest

Great gluten-free energy packed protein for canoe camping trips. Thanks!

07.14.14 Tanka Basket Review By Deborah from Duluth

I work for an Architect company and I give Tanka baskets out as door prizes at various conferences around the US. Everyone loves them! I like that they are healthy, taste great and I feel good about giving back to our Native Communities.

07.18.14 OMG By Tami from Bellevue

My boyfriend, his son and I just returned from a vacation in SD...the whole Badlands, Black Hills, Rushmore, Crazy Horse experience. We had an AMAZING time! I have recently lost 70lbs and am very in to healthful, natural eating. I purchased two TANKA bars at Crazy Horse and didn't eat them until I got home. I'm HOOKED! The girl at the counter told me how great they were, but of course, I didn't believe it until I tried them myself. She was right. I'm impressed by the natural ingredients, protein vs calorie and fat content and the overall wonderful taste! I will be a loyal customer FOREVER! Needless to say, after spending time in the region I am also very proud to support the Indian Nation, I was humbled by the love and support they exhibit to all colors.

07.19.14 My past orders By Pamela from Hillsboro

I love your products! I first ordered several years ago after watching C-SPAN and viewing testimony from several Native Americans about ways to locally help the economies on reservations. Tanka Bars were talked about and shared with members of the committee. I had to try these! I recently ordered again, and am now back for more. I am getting my health back on a good path due in part to your delicious and spirit-filled products. Thank you!

07.20.14 Tanka Sticks By Amanda from carlin

Tanka sticks have been a huge help in our families lifestyle change. A great source of protein. SOOOOOO happy to find something that doesn't taste like card board. Thank you to everyone at Tanka!!!

07.24.14 Love your products! By Jamie from San Francisco

We are big fans of Tanka products! You have a great recipe, and we love to support you when we can, even all the way out here on the west coast. Wish there were more locations we could buy them. Keep up the good work! :)

07.27.14 Support Native Americans By Douglas from Santa Monica

I look forward to trying your Tanka bar and sharing them with friends and coworkers with the intention that they too will support Native American businesses. I'm a long-time supporter of AIRC and NARF, now I can support through buying products as well !

07.31.14 Hiking Treat By Paloma from Poway

Tanka bars are delicious. They are my favorite hiking treats. They don't melt like a lot of the nutrition bars and they don't dehydrate me with tons of salt like other jerky. The moisture of the cranberries mixed with the delicious protein of bison make it the perfect hiking treat in hot weather. Thank you for such an awesome product!.

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