Tanka Bars: "It was love at first bite!"

October 02, 2014

Photo from one of our awesome retail partners, Herb Mart, in Texas.

09.03.14 Delicious! By Kimberly from Porterdale

Just ate one and immediately went to the website to order a box to be sent to my house. Ridiculously good! I live in the middle of nowhere and short of hunting for myself, these will do. ;-)

09.04.14 How I learned about you By Krissa from Cary

I just wanted you to know that I just read the article in the Costco magazine. So glad to learn about your mission, and cannot wait to try the products!! Congratulations on the traction you are receiving. Was also delighted to see that you are a Green America approved company. I'm sure we will have a long a delicious relationship, haha! :)

09.08.14 Tanka Bars By James from El Cerrito

Thank you all so very much for offering me a product that I can stand behind & believe in. I have searched high & low for a product of true quality in an age when that is becoming impossible. I am honored, thank you.

09.10.14 Original Tanka Bars By Mari from Mountain Home

In my travels I sometimes find myself feeling hunger pangs or just a bit of low energy. There is nothing like the consumption of a delicious healthy TankaBar to remedy either problem. How can anything so compact bring so much energy and satisfaction?
The fact that a Tanka Bar is American-made of USA naturally grown bison and cranberries is a significant and welcome bonus! Why would anyone want to tote, much less consume, junk snack foods when Tanka Bars are so readily available for purchase?
I simply will not travel without several Tanka Bars in my vehicle! (But don't assume I don't eat Tanka Bars on the home place, because I certainly do!)
Blessings to the Lakota for this long overdue, wonderful product!

09.12.14 Tanka Bars, Love Em By Dr. Jan Vinita from Huntsville

Delicious and healthy! I bought two Tanka Bars [original recipe] at the Rapid City Regional Airport gift shop last year. I was hungry for a snack but wanted to eat something nourishing. It was love at first bite! I have been eating them ever since. I bought from Amazon but your prices are much lower. I am also a federally enrolled Shawnee and I am delighted that the company is native-owned and nutritionally conscientious. When I share these with friends, they like them, too, and so I think you have some new customers. Thank you!! Dr. J

09.13.14 Best thing ever. By Jaemy from Nashville

I am currently working a seasonal job that provides 3 meals a day, but they are terribly un-nourishing and greasy. I have sworn off meat from the employee cafeteria and am no longer eating cheese in my regular diet. Since returning from a few months in Peru (my mother's homeland), I have gained back all the weight that I lost there while eating the natural, healthy diet of my ancestry. The only source of meat I eat now are Tanka Bars. My body felt better and sang love songs to me after the first one! Supporting the buffalo in their natural habitat, in their natural way, and returning them to the people is an unbelievably awesome thing. I am in full support! <3 Tanka Love!! <3

09.15.14 very nice! By john from denver

I heard about Tanka Bars in 4Hr Body; loved the sampler I ordered from Amazon. Costco article is cool; I like your mission. Thought I'd try ordering direct, just in case that puts a little more money in your pocket.

09.16.14 First time buyer By Pearl from Loxahatchee

I am delighted to support your efforts and hope that your product is liked by my friends and family. I'm glad that Costco wrote about you in their magazine as that's how I found you. I'm hoping that 'my' store will carry a variety of the Tankas.

09.18.14 Tanka Bar By Brett from Mount Horeb

Saw the Tanka Bar in a sporting good store and decided to try it. Great tasting bar and for health conscious individuals it only has 70 calories and 7 grams of protein. Also has very few ingredients.

09.21.14 Tanka Bars By Linda from Ottumwa

Have heard wonderful things about these and decided to try them. Can't wait to get them and dig in!!

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