'Tanka products help me live healthier and control my diabetes' ~ Charles from Belle Fourche

June 04, 2013

Fan photo by Misty Humphrey who sometimes enjoys Tanka with kombucha for lunch.

05.07.13 Grandma and Grandpa and health By charles from Belle Fourche

Grand parents lived in St. Francis and visiting them in the summers looking back they were always healthy and living a simple life and content. To bad we all can't be better at that.

Tanka products help me live healthier and control my diabetes. I've been following your business since conception and remember you givings us a overview of your company at the business incubator building in Rapid City may years ago and am happy to see your growth over the years.

05.07.12 Love it! By Rossana from Woodside

When I first tasted a Tanka Bar, I was in awe. Here was a true, rare treat: a bar made with whole food ingredients, of a traditional recipe, which tasted fabulous, was nourishing, and which profits a community of real people. In being fully what it is, Tanka also educates and dissolves stereotypes and misrepresentation. Woohooo!

05.08.13 Return Customer By Peter from Ponca City

I have been using Tanka Wild as a part of a low carb diet and have successfully met my initial goals. I am excited to try the new flavor.

05.08.13 Awaiting Tasty Treats By Denise from Stafford

We are hooked on Tanka Buffalo!!! And loving it!
And my son is getting his friends hooked on it too! Tanka sticks have become our standard between classes snack and pick-me-up almost any time. Delicious and nutritious, my son's nephrology nutritionist has approved Tanka sticks as that quick snack, which is saying something because they are very strict!
We can't wait to try the new Apple Orange Sticks!
And the summer sausage! And it has been too long since we enjoyed Tanka Dogs!

05.09.13 Tanka Bar By Steven from Niagara Falls

I am SO looking forward to this product as it is in line with beliefs and I love the healthy aspect of it too.
Thank you for an AMERICAN product !

05.15.13 Mmmmmmm By Linda from Fullerton

I We LOVE Tanka bars! We use them for backpacking, but also for a yummy lunchbox treat. We eat paleo, and love these for great travel meal.

05.23.13 Skeptic-turned-addict for Tanka Bars By Beth from New York

Skeptic-turned-addict :)

When I first saw the bars next to the cash register at Whole Foods, I was skeptical: I thought to myself, "A Buffalo Jerky Bar with cranberries made by Native Americans, with a caveman, flames and a buffalo as the logo?!"

The whole foods nutritional information (gluten fee, MSG free, nitrate fee, hormone free, 70 calories, 2g fat, 7g carbs, 7g protein) swayed me to buy it and try it. But the incredible robust flavor will keep me buying it. Indeed I just ordered two cases of the spicy buffalo bars and two new taster sticks to try.

Prior to TANKA, I was turning to hi-carb, chemically processed energy bars or protein bars (without my knowledge) for a quick hold-over til a meal. No longer.

I'll close by saying I'm a "busy" New Yorker who believes she has no time to review products. This was worth the time. Thank you for giving consumers a healthy alternative to the processed food that is out there -- even in health food stores.

Kind Regards, Beth

05.26.13 No Subject By Guest from Williamsport,

I was introduced to these bars by a friend and was delighted by the low fat content and awesome satisfying taste. For me they could replace a meal.
Great for traveling.

05.28.13 Tanka bars and Tanka dogs By Linda from Millis

I love these products! And the customer service I receive is very good. Thank you for making these yummy foods.

05.31.13 Love the bars By Guest from Great Falls

First got them off of onnit.com but didn't want to pay the shipping fee. I like that you don't charge for shipping Thank you!

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