Tanka Spotlight: No Name Nutrition

February 23, 2011

Tanka Spotlight: No Name Nutrition

From left to right: DeLynn Hurley, Todd Hurley, Dave Wingert with KGOR (99.9 FM),
Nancy Hurley and Joshua Hurley

RETAILER: No Name Nutrition

LOCATION: 2032 N. 72nd St., Omaha, NE, 68134

PERSON INTERVIEWED: Todd Hurley, co-owner

No Name Nutrition Markets have been family-owned and operated since March of 1976 and has three generations of family working in their stores. Co-owner Todd Hurley's parents bought the business which, at the time, was called No Name Organic Vitamins and Health Foods. The Hurleys decided to repurpose the name because of its unique quality.

"Everyone laughs and chuckles about it but they never forget. Customers and reps I haven't seen in years remember the name," he said. "This was long before generics and unnamed products. The name stands out in their heads for years."

But the remarkable story behind the store is how it became a family business in the first place. DeLynn Hurley, Todd Hurley's father, was diagnosed with colon cancer 38 years ago. DeLynn sought the help of Texas nutritional dentist Donald William Kelly who also helped his uncle overcome cancer.

At the time, DeLynn managed a gas station in Omaha, NE. Dr. Kelly taught him how to change his lifestyle and, through nutrition, supplements and cleanses, Todd Hurley said his father has been cancer free ever since without traditional medical assistance. It inspired his parents to get into the nutritional business.

No Name Nutrition today

Todd said his parents are now, what he calls, "three-quartered retired" and have handed over the reigns to their sons. His brother Trent handles the store at 14469 W. Center Road in Omaha, NE, and now Todd's son is working on the business.

What makes No Name Nutrition special is the time they spend with their customers, Todd said. Even during the phone interview, after politely excusing himself, you could hear him saying "hello" to everyone who walked into the store and even gave directions. Another quality of the store he said is the staff has "in-depth knowledge with 20 plus years of experience."

Todd has a background in marketing and took small business classes. He said he was taught that 95-97 percent of customers will be "crabby and will take it out on you." He said that's not the case in his shop.

"I'd say 95-97 percent are more caring, take more time, are more considerate and have better values," he said. "It is extremely enjoyable and I've made friendships here. It is rewarding doing something that makes an impact on people's lives."

For more about the store: No Name Nutrition

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