Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for August

September 09, 2010

Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for August

08.02.10 No Subject By Allison from Anchorage

A friend just offered me some of your bites for the first time, and I am hooked! Wonderful! I immediately got online to order some, since I live in Alaska and I can't find them here. I'm going to talk to my health food store in AK and ask them to stock Tanka products. Fabulous.

08.02.10 Tanka Bars By Margaret from El Sobrante

This is the first lactofermented meat bar I have ever encountered. Perfect for adherents to the Weston Price/Nourishing Traditions diet and philosophy. Now I can really feel good about what I eat when I travel and keep strange hours. And the taste is moist and sensational. YUM! Wild rice is the only readily available 'grain' I like and that agrees with me, so I can't wait to get my shipment. Keep up the fantastic and important work. With reverance and gratitude to the great provider, Maggie

08.03.10 Great Concept By Terrence from Plantation

I learned about your product via a friend on facebook. She had your Tanka bar in her hand in one of her photo albums. Since I am a protein metabolic type, I am always looking for good sources of healthy protein specific snacks. When I came to the website, I was impressed with the systems you have in place to promote your business. As an internet marketer, I can appreciated a well thought out website that is easy to navigate, content rich yet is set up to achieve business objectives.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to helping spread the word about your company.
A Ho..

08.06.10 Tanka Bars! By Gloria from Fresno

I was looking for the best quality buffalo jerky to take on a hike into the Grand Canyon, and was very excited to find your site. I ordered a 12-pack of the original Tanka Bars and can't wait to try them out. I suspect they'll be perfect. I'm sure I'll be back to order more. Thank you for your care and concern for natural foods, for the earth and all people and creatures.

08.12.10 Tanka Rocks! By Laurel from Cedarburg

My family discovered your products visiting the Black Hills this summer and we love it. Glad to find we can order online. By the way, we wholly support your vision and mission as well. Will keep you in our prayers. God grant you many years and great success!

08.13.10 tanka bars By nicole from omaha

Tanka Bars are the only conveinience food I can eat right now, so I have nothing but spectacular things to say about them. I love the feeling that I'm eating something traditional, a living food, and something that's good for me. And I'm supporting a Native company, which is always important. I'm so glad you exist!

08.17.10 Tanka Bars By Gelvin from New York

I always carry a Tanka Bar as I travel around NYC or travel out of town. It's perfect for when I don't have time for lunch or won't get dinner until late.

And when I'm moved by someone who is hungry and asking for food, I know I can't give a better gift than a Tank Bar.

08.22.10 Tanka Bars By Ronald from Pella

Was given a Tanka Bar when on the Lakota Reservation this summer at Tree of Life in Mission, SD. Excellent flavor and high in protein--will now use for my 10am snack instead of the protein bars I am now eating.

I am ordering the "bites" to give out at church for others to sample. Keep up the good work! May your business continue to grow and prosper.

08.22.10 Tanka Bars Lisa from West Des Moines

I just learned about the Tanka Bars a few months ago and I LOVE THEM!! I am introducing them to everyone I know, in fact "they" went on Ragbrai (a bike ride across Iowa) this summer. They were "A HIT" with the riders. I received feedback that, the bars, gave the bike riders just the extra added energy they needed to get to the next town! Thank You! - Thank You! - Thank You! for putting out such a wonderful product. Peace!

08.26.10 On the go nutrition By Andrew from Menomonee Falls

I love tanka bars because they don't have any of the nasty preservatives of other jerky companies, and the meat is much healthier coming from buffalo. It tastes great and is an excellent way to stay healthy on the go!

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