Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for December

January 05, 2011

Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for December

12.04.10 Good stuff. By John from Tiburon

Family of six, including 4 kids, really enjoying your product out here. Ever thought of making a bar with cranberries that are not sweetened? (Realize it would be more tart, but would likely appeal to folks on low-sugar and low-carb diets (including diabetics and the followers of Atkins, The Zone, etc.) and other diets (paleo and primal crowd would likely embrace it).

12.05.10 Perfect Health Food By Ryan from Pittsfield

I randomly came across your products in a health food store, and I am hooked!! Fantastic taste, and i never feel weighed down after eating them; the Tanka products seem to magically dissolve in my belly This makes them the PERFECT healthy snack. And I find that they satisfy my appetite, so I rarely feel hungry after i eat a handful. I keep some at work for a mid afternoon healthy snack.

12.06.10 Ecellent products By Amy from Austin

I have learned that a Tanka bar before a workout is far superior to a traditional power bar. It gives me strength without the sugar and "goo" of a power bar. All the products I have tried are outstanding, and I am looking forward to trying the one with wild rice.

12.07.10 Perfect! By Susan from Portsmouth

I eat a low carb diet and I'm on the road for business all the time. I just bought bars and sticks because I'll be away from home at a trade show for the rest of December. PERFECT snack to help me avoid eating bad food all day. And delicious. AND no nitrates.

12.09.10 Tanka Bars By Didi from Easton

We were introduced to Tanka Bars during a xc trip this summer. We found them in the Grand Tetons and loved them. They were the tastiest traveling snacks we had the whole time we were on the road (7 weeks)! When we saw them again at Mount Rushmore, we were thrilled. Glad they're available online so we can re-stock.

12.16.10 Tanka Love By Cynthia from Tampa

Am SO enjoying your Tanka Traditional Bars! A very healthy snack perfect for a cancer survivor who needs to eat healthy , natural, spritual foods!
Thank you for a wonderful product, always leaves me satisfied and takes away yen for unhealthy snacking.
Tanka Lover, Cyn

12.18.10 New customer By Mike from Katy

I found your site today via an article on primal living posted on LewRockwell.com.
I am already a fan of buffalo meat and am anxious to try your Tanka bars and buffalo hot dogs.
Nice website and intelligent business model.
My best to the Lakota in South Dakota.

12.22.10 What a Treat! By Laurie from Brooklyn

I am so thrilled to have discovered Tanka products. They taste terrific, and I feel so healthy eating them.

Lately, I've been eating one bar and one stick for lunch each day, and I've been losing weight rapidly, with no hunger, and feeling great.

Low-carb, high-nutrition, and with minimal processing and no artificial ingredients -- this is a wonderful company.

Thank you!

12.30.10 Tanka Products By David from Buffalo

I have eaten them again and again. They taste wonderful and especially atop greens like lettuce in its various types. I cut the product into smaller pieces. It satisfies.

12.31.10 Tanka Bar, Tanka Bites By Linda from Lakewood

I am gluten intolerant-Great product-perfect non sugar snack for hiking and outdoor sports.

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