Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for December

January 04, 2010

Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for December
This monthly feature highlights the top 10 comments from the previous month that made us proud, made us laugh, smile or touched our hearts. Please read on and feel free to leave comments of your own. Pilamaya

12.20.09 Healthy and tasty! By kathLynne from Santa Maria:

Thanks to Tanka Bars my health has improved! I have an easy to carry snack with me at all times that keeps my blood sugar balanced! I am happy and so is my doctor!

12.02.09 By Annette from Portland:

I love the flavour and the texture of the Tanka Bars-I also love the convenience of the packaging-I can take them anywhere!!! Wopila tanka

12.03.09 Tanka Bars & Bites, by Jill from Chicago:

A great alternative to other alleged energy bars: no corn syrup, no additives. Have recommended it to many of my diabetic friends. Tastes great and better for you than other snacks.

12.03.09 tanka bar, by R from dayton:

My husband works standby and sometimes when he is called out he works all night. One night his truck ran into a ditch and he was stuck in the middle of nowhere. He was glad when I packed him a "care" package consisting of an apple, bottle of water, some cheese and Tanka Bites. He said not only were the Tank Bites delicious, but they were a life saver being high in protein, energy and carbs. Namaste - Terri at the Drake's Nest in Ossineke, Michigan

12.06.09 Ordered samples & now hooked, by Lori from Pueblo West:

A few days ago, I ordered a 6 bars to give my family a taste test. We all loved them. I came back today to order LOTS more, not just because of satisfying taste, but because:
1) They make a great "Gotta run" snack for my husband if he misses a full breakfast.
2) They are perfect for my mom who has Alzheimer's and doesn't always snack well or wisely. It also prevents her from cooking or using the microwave if I step out for a moment.
3) They are perfect for Colorado winter weather as part of an emergency kit in the car.
4) When I travel, I quickly burn out on eating carb snacks. I've often craved protein instead, and now I can pack some Tanka Bars.
5) Workplace snacks are often expensive and empty of wholesome ingredients. Tanka Bars make a far superior and satisfying option.
6) I just started up an intense exercise program and the Tanka bars are a perfect fit.
Thank you for making something so valuable to our lifestyle!

12.09.09 Tanka Bites, by Barbara M.:

I received my Tanka Bites this week. They are the most amazing little nuggets of delight in the world. I am in love! As soon as I save up a bit, I WILL be ordering them by the case. Thanks, guys for this wonderful food from our ancestors. Pilamaya!!!

12.09.09 I was hooked from my first bite, by Gerald from Voorhees:

I first tried Tanka bars just a few months after they came out. A friend of mine had one and shared a bit. Since then whenever I go back home I try to pick up enough to last me till I get to the airport but it never seems to last. Keep up the good work guys.

12.16.09 Tanka Bars, by Marcia from Mulberry:

This is my 3rd order. They taste wonderful, you get an oportunity to try just 2 bars before you order a larger quantity which is a great idea. I did that and had to have more. It is wonderful to see our people succeeding in an inovative business idea with a good tasting healthy snack products that are based on old traditional foods.

12.19.09 Proof that Tunkashila loves us, by Jim from Tucson:

When I tasted my first Tanka Bar at Gathering of Nations I knew that we had something powerful and healthy here, I cannot fully express how much I love the Tanka Bar, but I can tell you that every person that I have given a Tanka Bar to try was just as amazed at how incredible this Wakan food is both on the taste buds and in the tummy.
Jim Jarvis
(Kalanu Unalasgi -Thunder Raven)

12.22.09 Mmm mmm good! By Alyssa from Chicago:

I have been a fan of Tanka Bar since they started - the product is high quality, tastes good and most important is good for you. The staff has always been friendly, informative and fun when I have seen them at conferences and other gatherings. I am especially proud to see an Indian owned business take flight! Sending lots of positivity to Tanka Bar and staff for 2010 - keep doing the good work!

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