Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for February

March 01, 2010

Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for February
This monthly feature highlights the top 10 comments from the previous month that made us proud, made us laugh, smile or touched our hearts. Please read on and feel free to leave comments of your own. Pilamaya

02.01.10 Good Food Great Taste by Kevin from San Luis Obispo

I get Tanka Bars for my niece-7 and nephew-5 and I like them too. They are a good source of Protein and energy. I keep the kids away from trendy "Energy Bars" that are almost all sugar. They are the only kids in school that eat (or heard of) TANKA BARS!
Also, I visit South Dakota and have some friends on the Mission Reservation. Later, KRB

02.05.10 Tanka Bars by Terry from Fairhope

wow. These are great and filling. Found them in the national park visitor center in Jackson, WY while here on vacation! Got 2 every day we were here! So glad to find them on line.

02.05.10 So Good! By Jeremy H.

This is by far my favorite snack bar now. You can bet that when I go out camping and hiking, I'm going to be carrying a few of these along. Simply wonderful.

02.06.10 Tanka Bars are delicious! By Jonathan from Philadelphia

Best tasting meat snack I've ever had. None of the salty, greasy, gritty nonsense here -- just good meat with sweet heat.

02.10.10 Fantastic by Christopher from Louisville

Had one in the LAX airport today. Really tasty and great nutrition. Have a big box on order now!

02.11.10 Great gift! By Dhyan from Boulder

I heard of Tanka Bars yesterday when a friend gave me two as a gift. He knew I have been struggling with diet changes but I didn't expect these to taste so good! I just ordered my first box! Yea! Dhyan

02.12.10 Tanka-licious! By Allison C.

I just ordered these right after I saw the Star Alliance video. I was on Pine Ridge two years ago with a school group and I was so excited to hear about this business! Looking forward to the bison bite!

02.17.10 1st timer by Brian from Albuquerque

Going to give your bars a try and see if maybe I'll order a box. Don't find many places online selling Pemmican (but a lot of recipes) let alone made with buffalo meat and natural ingredients. Thank you!

02.20.10 Tanka Bars by Karen R.

These make a very tasty snack, whether the regular or spicy variety. They are especially good for airline travel, because they are a high protein, low fat and low sodium treat. Supporting industry on the Pine Ridge is also good to do.

02.25.10 Spicy Bar by Judy from Alpharetta

One of your customers gave me one of your spicy bars and it was the BEST bar I have ever had!!! I couldn't wait to order my own.
Thank You.

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