Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for January

February 03, 2011

Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for January

01.01.11 The Bar By James from Windsor

I was up at Red Cloud Mission outside of Pine Ridge when I purchased my first bar. Was amazed at how good they tasted and what a great idea to help the people at Pine Ridge. I like to use these for cycling because they just taste so good and give that extra boost of power when riding through the mountains here in Colorado.
Thank you

01.07.11 Paleo Perfect By gail from Rocklin

Living a Paleo lifestyle is a must for me. So trying to find something readily available when I am out running errands was difficult until I found the Tanka bars.

01.08.11 Tanka Bar By Mason L.

The first time I had a Tanka Bar, it was really good compared to other bars such as beef jerky. It was really feeling too and rich in taste. I really wanted to get more after I had one.

01.10.11 FANTASTIC product! By Wayne from Fort Collins

Wow, the Tanka Bites and Tanka Bars are FANTASTIC and EXACTLY what we have been trying to find for years. Just ordered a case+! THANK YOU!! :) :)

01.15.11 Can't beat 'em By Robert from San Anselmo

An energy bar that's savory, not sweet. A snack food that's not salty or greasy. High protein, low fat, minimally processed, tasty, and easy to digest. The only thing that makes me unhappy about Tanka Bars is that I just ran out of them.

01.17.11 Everyone profits from Tanka Bar....... By Joseph from Fayetteville

Everyone gets more when they know more about who makes the product they purchase. As far as we have come with advancements in medicine we have the largest population of unhealthy young people in the history of our nation.

May be in order to go forward we all need to start going back and "re-evolve" as healthy humans. One of the most simple and effective ways is purchase Tanka Bar products. Their ingredients are not the end result but "continued results" that are still used because they are proven.

Instead of Health care we should "Care about Health" :-)
Joe R.

01.18.11 Product By Richard from Anaheim

Got a few samples as a Christmas present. Delicious. I am ordering the family sampler pack to try all of your products before ordering more. A great cause besides.

01.18.11 Tanka Bar By Gelvin from New York

This is the best "carry-around-New-York-City-for-those-times-when-you're-starving-and-don't-have-time-to-stop" food there is. And for everyplace else, too--especially travel.

01.19.11 tanka bars By VINCENT from RENO

I first learned about pemmican when I was a child in Europe, reading western-themed comic books. I even tried to make some with ridiculous results. Finally, some fifty-plus years later I finally got to taste the real thing and I LOVE it! Beside feeling I am tasting a cultural western symbol, I can tell you that it tastes great and reading the nutritional information makes you feel good, not guilty. I finally found a thing I like that is not illegal, immoral or fattening!

01.22.11 Gift basket By Nick L.

I bought one of the gift baskets to try a bit of everything, and I must say I love the Tanka Wild, and Bites, I'd have to say the peppered is my favorite. Looking forward to trying the summer sausage next.

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