Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for July

August 02, 2010

Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for July

07.02.10 Great Healthy Hiking Snack By Holly B.

Great product! Our friends in Colorado introduced us to Tankabars - we enjoyed our first one in the shadow of a snowfield in the Rockies and ordered gifts for our family.

07.07.10 Product Tanka Bars By Jeanette from Las Vegas

Your recipe is the greatest and tastes so close to what my grandmother use to make. How I have missed this flavor so thank you for sharing this with the world!!!

07.09.10 Great Food Great Source By Ryan from Huntsville

Being able to eat food that was harvested in a wakan way means a great deal to me. Keep on keepin on.
Just wish you guys could find a way to use wojape as well.:) I do love my blueberries.

07.09.10 Very happy with the gluten free product By Jennifer from Apex

My daughter and I have a gluten intolerance so we are limited on what bars we can eat since most have oats or wheat in them. Additionally most have soy protein in it so we were very excited to find the Tanka bars. They are great to throw in my purse and bring to the pool, car trips, etc. Thanks Tanka Bar for making a real food bar!!

07.15.10 Tanka bar By Arlene from St Helena

Fabulous find!! I am gluten intolerant and these are great to keep around when you are out and about and can't find food you can eat. Taste great easy to store. Super !!!!!!

07.18.10 Cherokee Nation and Food By Lynn from LA

It is my understanding that my family has decended from the Cherokee Tribe from Oklahoma. I have been looking for food sources that not only reflect that heritage but also that are health promoting, easy to carry, all natural without any food additives, preservatives, dyes, processed sugar, high fructose corn syrup etc. I am also interested in stocking up for a rainy day with foods that don't need refrigeration either in glass bottles or dried. I found your tanka bites at the local health food store and like them. Please keep all the junk out of your foods.


07.18.10 Pemmican By Charlotte from Wauwatosa

I am delighted to find these products. I need a high protein diet and travel extensively. I used to make my own pemmican from ground dried meat, dried currants, and rendered lard. It was a lot of work but it tasted great. I am so glad Tanka has created a similar food I can carry with me. Thank you!

07.21.10 Great snack By julie from Longview

I bought these for my husband to try as he was attending school. We were short on time and money, and he often went all day without eating, so I got him these to pack 1-2 per day for a snack. We found Tanka Bars to be a much tastier alternative to protein or granola bars for a quick, nutritious pick-me-up.

Now that he's working, he asked me to replenish our supply do he can keep them at his job site for better snacking than the vending machine offers.

07.27.10 Tanka bars By aaron from league city

I always search for real Buffalo meat and found the Tanka bar at the local Smoothie King. I bought the traditional and spicy bars for snacks. The cranberry adds a great accent to a already great meat. Thank you NANF for making a great product available.

07.28.10 Tanka Bars By Rhonda from Peyton

While on vacation in Custer, South Dakota, I fell upon these wonderful bars. I am pre diabetic and always looking for GOOD HEALTHY, nutritious snacks. These fit the bill, and I am so happy you have made them. Thank you

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