Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for May

June 08, 2010

Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for May
This monthly feature highlights the top 10 comments from the previous month that made us proud, made us laugh, smile or touched our hearts. Please read on and feel free to leave comments of your own. Pilamaya

05.01.10 Tanka Bars and Rural Nutrition Services By Sarah from Fairbanks

University of Alaska Fairbanks, Interior - Aleutians Campus recently began a course of study in Rural Nutrition Services - focusing on rural food systems, traditional foods, activity, behavior and Alaska Native knowledge for healthy weight. Bison is a traditional food here in the Interior, and also a close nutrient equivalent to the moose that is a staple in the rural food system. Tanka Bars are on our menu and a huge hit with our rural Alaskan students. Thank you for making such a healthful food choice available!


I have to compliment you on a great product. I liked the sticks and the bars, and loved the Tanka Bites. So moist and delicious. Buying more for my upcoming backpacking trip. Thanks!

05.03.10 Good Triathlon Training Food By Michael from Arlington Heights

Excellent protein source before I get on the bike for a Compu-trainer session. And great for recovery!

05.04.10 Sustained protein energy By Paul from Lexington

I do a lot of expedition kayaking and I rely on the tanka bars to give me sustained protein and energy throughout my paddles. Absolutely wonderful product that I will be ordering consistently.

05.07.10 Hooked By Myron from Fort Gratiot

Absolutely hooked! A huge beef jerky fan, but now a Tanka Bar convert! Great service and a quality product! Wish I would've discovered you guys sooner!

05.16.10 Thanks for an excellent product By Marcelo from Peyton

I am temporary away from my home for work, my roommate never heard about tanka bars so I told him how great your product is and ordered a box for me so he could try one. He has eaten over half the box, so now he is planning to order a box of 48. Now I need to order some more to pass out on the job.
Thanks for the outstanding customer service you have.

05.22.10 Tanka Bars By Adelyn from Middleton

Great taste and quality. I look forward to try the new wild sticks and hot dogs now. Keep up the great product and please expand distribution

05.25.10 Quality of the Tanka Bars By Paul & Ann from Santa Rosa

You have a great product and I tell others about it all of the time. Keep up the good work!
Paul and Ann Lowry

05.26.10 Easy ordering By Kendra from Rockville

It is easy to use the website and I like the way the products can be viewed in the on-line ordering form.

05.29.10 Tanka Bars By Sarah from Porcupine

Tanka Bars taste great and work wonderfully as a meal replacement when I am on the go. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a few years ago, meaning I need a gluten free diet. I was at a loss for good and nutritious foods to keep my energy level up. These little miracles worked wonders for me and now I always travel with a few in my bag. No backpacker should be without Tanka products in their pack. And for the urban jungle adventurer, keep a few in your desk at work. So glad to see the product line expanding!

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