Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for May

June 11, 2014

Jeffery U. Darensbourg‎ was happy to find Tanka at the Mardi Gras Zone grocery store in New Orleans.

05.01.14 Traveling with Tanka bars By Diane from Swanton

Have been a fan of Tanka bars since 2007. Have spread the word and given samples to many. Keep up your great work. Taking them with me to Alaska now.

05.02.14 Fuel Your Body for Game Day By Inter Tribal Sports from Temecula

Our youth and families enjoy sampling the Tanka Sticks. When we can, we serve them on our game days.

05.03.14 Tanka sticks By Paula from East Haven

I am teaching a unit on Native American Disapora and plan to introduce your product to my classes.

05.07.14 Absolutely Delicious! By Felicia from Portland

I spotted the Tanka Bars at REI and having grown up in South Dakota, I knew immediately that I had to try them -- buffalo is always delicious. Be forewarned: they are addictive! For those concerned about spiciness, the spicy bars aren't very spicy at all, but they do have a nice flavor. The bars are perfect for work, hiking trips, camping, and as a snack whenever you need a tasty pick-me-up. I highly, highly recommend trying them!

05.07.14 Happy Birthday! By Felicia from Portland

Hi Dad,
Hope you like these bars -- I think they are delicious. The spicy bars aren't spicy and I bet the grandkids wouldn't mind at all if you shared with them. Enjoy!

05.12.14 Buffalo/Cranberry Bars By Mari from Mountain Home

Amazingly delicious! Perfect diet OR snack food. Bison is wholesome, filling, nutritious, natural and finds a perfect complement in cranberries, also nutritious and natural. Thoroughly recommend this product.

05.15.14 Tanka Treasure By lynn from monroe

I have loved Tanka Bars for many years, and now my son has been diagnosed with celiacs disease and needs to eat gluten free. How wonderful it was to find out that Tanka is gluten free!

05.16.14 Buffalo Bites By Gayle from Florence

These are awesome. So moist and have cranberries which gives them a great taste.
Buffalo meat is so good and we cook with it all the time.

05.20.14 Totally addicted By Carissa from Ellijay

These make an awesome snack.
I carry them around at all times and have to limit myself to only one or two a day.
I buy them heavily in bulk and still seem to run out.
An expensive addiction, but a guilt free, delicious, non-perishable, highly portable snack is totally worth it!

05.23.14 Looking forward to trying the product! By Mark from Smyrna

Native owned and natural --- my friends and I are looking forward to trying the products as alternative to processed stuff you find in the typical grocery store.

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