Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for November

December 03, 2010

Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for November

11.03.10 Thanks from an eater with allergies By Martha from San Francisco

I'm an involuntary picky eater due to food allergies and sensitivities to food processing chemicals. This is the only packaged "beef jerky"-type product I can eat without sensing any crud in it whatsoever.

It is great to have these allergen-free, high-protein Tanka Bars for hiking, and also for travel situations where I can't always eat what's available. I have been bringing them in to work too and now my office is getting hooked on them.

Thanks so much for a great product.

11.12.10 Tanka bites By Joy from West New York

I bought my first pack of Tanka bites in a health store and was amazed how delicious it was. I eat a lot of beef jerky, but Tanka bites are special. They are not dry and have grate flavor. I love the fact that product is nitrate and MSG free and has been crafted from bison meat.

11.21.10 Tanka products By Paul & Ann from Santa Rosa

Dear Tanka staff -

We have enjoyed several of your products and I recommend them to everybody to try. My favorite is the spicy Tanka Bar, but all of your products are excellent. Keep up the good work!
Thanks, Paul and Ann

11.21.10 first time By Rachel from Minneapolis

I am looking forward to trying your products. My only misgiving is that I am avoiding garlic and black pepper due to allergy test. My husband will try the spicy version.

11.22.10 Trying Tankabars By Jeff from Durham

A friend of mine gave me one of these when I was on my OA Vigil. I am getting a case to pass out to friends for Christmas. Thank you for providing a spiritually and nutritionally satisfying product.

11.23.10 Gift baskets By Veronica from Enon

Great idea!! Bought one to take to the family for X-Mas so I can introduce Tanka to my loved ones.

11.28.10 Gift basket option By Nancy from Urbana

I have been looking for a unique gift for some special friends. I have loved the Tanka bites from the first swallow, so I am very pleased to share your delicious and healthy products with others in this way.
Thank you!!

11.29.10 Tanka Bars By Pat from Riverdale

I tried one of the Tanka Bar samples at the National Powwow a few years ago when Tanka was first starting up. The bars are -very- good.

11.30.10 tanka bars By Cynthia from Candler

I am writing a book on herbal medicine and my research took me to your website. I look forward to trying your products and possibly featuring them on my website.
In gratitude,
Thea Summer Deer

11.30.10 Healthy Food By James from New York

These are the healthiest treats and a true delight to eat! I offer them to family and friends with pleasure because I know the ingredients.

Thanks for expecting your customers to understand and care about what is in their food. Many of us do care and our numbers are growing.

I hope these become so popular that we have huge herds of buffalo return to the plains...

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