Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for November

December 07, 2009 1 Comment

Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for November
One of the beautiful things about our website is that we proudly display customer comments -- for better or worse -- on a scrolling banner on the top of our very first page.

Some of these comments are short and sweet and others tell a story of how we touch people's lives. The comments are in front for everyone to see, but like so much that's right in front of us, sometimes we miss it.

Today is the first time we are highlighting the top 10 comments from the previous month that made us proud, made us laugh, smile or touched our hearts. Please read on and feel free to leave comments of your own.

We'll be running this feature every month, but I have to tell you it is a chore to decide which ones to repost. I tried to give you all the flavor and a cross-section of the people we get to interact with, and we're very grateful for these kind and beautiful words.

People tell us that we inspire them. That's only half the truth. We inspire each other! Let's all make a little step toward being the people we were meant to be. Let us all be Tanka!


11.01.09 Cindi from Kansas City writes:

I'm going to continue to work towards my weight loss goals for the next 6 weeks, and will use the Tanka Bars as part of one of my 6 mini-meals (probably will have one-half apple with it). Healthy and DELICIOUS. I know it will be my favorite meal. Thanks, Tanka, for a wonderful product!

11.02.09 Shari from Coventry shares:

my 13 year old daughter tried these at a friend's house and loved them. she brought one home and i tried a piece and enjoyed the flavor: a bit smoky and sweet with the cranberries. i've always been a fan of beef jerky and the Tanka Bars are a fantastic and healthier alternative.

11.03.09 Lynn from Cheyenne says quite to the point:

This is our second order, what does that say? We like 'em.

11.06.09 This is by Amanda from Forest Hill:

I'm trying to eat more natural, home made foods from healthy ingredients. I tried a Tanka bar at the Mitsisam food court in the Smithsonian's Museum of the American Indians, and it was wonderful and so filling. I'm really looking forward to having a box of these in my pantry to reach for when I need to take food with me somewhere, or for snacks. Best wishes to the people and many thanks.

11.09.09 Heidi from Cumberland is using Tanka Bars as a teaching aid:

I am excited to have my students taste your bars - we are studying the Native American culture, and your website has great information on the culture of your food as well as the importance of the buffalo. Thank you!

11.11.09 David from Katy found a new traveling partner:

I was on a plane from Minneapolis to Rapid City and a man that I was sitting next to gave me a Tanka Bar...I have been hooked every since...They are a great ALL NATURAL food source and I cannot get enough of them...This will be the first case of MANY MORE TO COME!

11.19.09 madonna from west point says:

I had found this site on the internet and wanted to try the bars. They cannot be found in the backwoods of Virginia. When I went home to South Dakota to visit I made sure I found a bar to try. I need to loose a few pounds and I am going to put these into my diet plan. I love these bars better than any other protien bar that is sold!!

11.22.09 ann from Pincher Creek asks what's not to love:

Oki from Blackfoot country. These bars are healthy, delicious, and best of all this is the product of ingenuity and inspiration. You guys show us what hard work and dreams can accomplish. Thanks to Our Daily Frybread for telling us about you. These are going to all our friends who live in the big cities and have never made their own jerky, to give them a little taste of the prairies. Keep up the good work.

11.23.09 Greg B gives a shout out to sales team:

I left a question on the Tanka web site and received a call back very promptly. Great customer service, professional and personable! Thanks!

11.25.09 Earl from Stillwater is feeding his granddaughter:

I have a 10-year old grand daughter who enjoys these bars after school before she goes to her after school activities. The bar with a shake and dried fruit is excellent nutrition.

11.25.09 Teresa D. says Tanka is there in a pinch for her hubby:

My husband works standby and sometimes when he is called out he works all night. One night his truck ran into a ditch and he was stuck in the middle of nowhere. He was glad when I packed him a "care" package consisting of an apple, bottle of water, some cheese and Tanka Bites. He said not only were the Tank Bites delicious, but they were a life saver being high in protein, energy and carbs. Namaste - Terri at the Drake's Nest in Ossineke, Michigan

11.26.09 Cheryl from Albany talks about her Tanka Discovery:

I discovered Tanka bars on the way home from a vacation in the summer of '08--bought one in a store in Rapid City SD; then drove west through Montana and Idaho; never actually tried the bar until I reached Spokane...but, I couldn't find any in the stores. I tried to get the local food coop here in OR to stock Tanka, but wouldn't --and gave me several reasons, at least one of which seemed plausible enough to me. I continue to order online because I've discovered that on my "special diet" and very busy schedule, a couple Tanka bars provide the best nutrition in an easy meal or snack "on the go". The flavor is unique and well worth waiting for. Thank you!!!!! :)

11.30.09 Chenoa from Loveland reminds us that what we do can really help peoples lives:

I use this product when i am getting hypoglycemic and it takes care of the problem for many hour until I can eat a good meal.

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