Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for October

November 05, 2010

Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for October

10.01.10 Fantastic food for on the go and for snacking kids! By Alison from Louisville

My son is very picky about his protein sources, refusing to eat most meat in almost any form. His school does not allow nuts and so these bars are a fantastic way to get some healthy protein in his system!

I love them for the taste and the nutrition content. Thank you!

10.02.10 Tanka Bites By Darliss from Lewiston

I was recently diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome so can't have gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, etc. I was pleased to find something I can take with me anywhere for a quick, healthy protein snack. The Tanka bites were soft and tasty. I really like the combination of meat and cranberry.

10.03.10 Great Product By Bobbi from Durant

I eat no wheat (gluten), I avoid sugar, and I try for a balance of protein, carbs, and fat--that leaves no food choices on the road or in the classroom--at least until Tanka bars. Perfect protein ratio, yummy taste, eco-friendly buffalo from my old home. You've sold me and my husband! Thanks!

10.04.10 Lakota Business By Rosemary from Naperville

We visited Pine Ridge a year ago and fell in love with the Lakota heritage. Little did we know you had this business. My daughter-in-law loves buffalo meat and protein bars, so her birthday next week was the perfect opportunity to send her some of your Tanka Bars. We wish you much success!

10.07.10 First TryBy Jon from Indianapolis

First tried your product in Custer, SD and fell in love with it. As soon as I got back to Indiana I had to get on line and order a couple of boxes of Traditional Tanka Bars.

10.09.10 Tasty, convenient snacks By L A from Austin

I was looking for MSG free jerky and found the Tanka Bites at Newflower Market in Austin, TX. Even though the bites aren't jerky, they are healthy, convenient as a wonderful snack and delicious. Thank you Tanka Bar!!!

10.19.10 Pack and Go! By Kimberly from Red Oak

I love the original Tanka bar!! It is so easy to grab one and go. The best part is the awesome flavor. It really keeps you full from lunch to supper and with only 70 calories! Weight watchers or Jenni can't even come close to the flavor, nutritional value and best of all cost.

10.22.10 Tradition and health! By Reba-Jean from Deerfield

Had your products first from a Native American shop on the old Mohawk Trail and then sought them out at our local whole foods co-op. They are SO good, so healthy, and it feels good to support good alternatives for the planet.

10.29.10 My Gpa's Tanka Bar Mission By brittany from fenton

I remember when i lived on the reservation a year ago or so, my grandfather was craving a tanka bar he said thier good. so he called all the stores on the rosebud reservation and one store said "sorry we dont carry those here" then he said "why not? you should thier good" then she said "I know i wish we did too" I couldnt help but think of how adorable my grandpa and how he made it a mission then we finally found some and he was really happy. thats one of my fondest moments of him on a mission. so since then i always cherished them and they are really good and tasty.

10.30.10 Tanka Bar By Craig from Brooklyn

My training partner and I use these bars (that I first saw at the Smithsonian) instead of so-called "power bars." We find Tanka bars are tastier and nutrionally superior. In addition, we prefer supporting native americans in their endeavors rather than some megacorporation. Run strong. -- Shiroi Doma

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