Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for September

October 04, 2010

Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for September

09.02.10 I love the Tanka Bar! Bobby from Tulsa

I've been enjoying Tanka Bar for some time and now that I am working through a nutrition class have found that it is classified as a "highly suitable" food based on ingredient and nutrition facts! So, it's good for CommodKids, Rez Folk, and regulars alike.

09.09.10 Tanka Bar By Susan from Palmyra

I tried the Tanka Bar for the first time while on vacation in South Dakota and I was hooked! Delicious and tender and so much better than the average "jerky".

09.14.10 Awesome! By Jenn from Hyde Park

I love the Spicy Tanka Bars! I have been looking for a healthy, protein filled snack for YEARS. I love the idea of jerky, but most have MSG, nitrates or other chemicals and fillers that I avoid. So finding Tanka really filled that void - and it is EXCELLENT. Thanks Tanka!

09.15.10 Fantastic bar By Margaret from El Sobrante

I am a devotee of the Nourishing Traditions diet based on the research of Weston A Price on the diets of indigenous peoples around the world. I have to travel a lot for my work, so these bars are a godsend! Love them! Thanks to the Lakotas for offering them for sale. (Making them myself would be a LOT of work!) Besides all that, they taste great.

09.19.10 No Subject By Jenny from Tucson

Love your product! I recently saw Tanka Bars for sale at my local Sprouts Farmers Market and decided to give them a try. I'm always on the hunt for a high protein snack that is hormone & nitrate free. Your bars are great tasting & I love that they're moist & chewy. They win hands down over traditional jerky. I will definitely continue to purchase your product. Thanks offering consumers a great product that is truly good for them!

09.19.10 Tanka Bars By Kelly from Madison

I tried both flavors of bars and loved them! I've been looking a long time for no junk, great tasting and melt-free high protein food to pack on hot days spent paddleboarding, hiking, mountain biking or camping. (Sprouted and dried homemade trail mixes are fine but I get to craving animal protein!).

Thank you for such a great product. I'll be purchasing many more of your products in the future.

09.23.10Buffalo Wild Sticks By Deborah from Kalamazoo

I love the products, but I also love the way you integrate your Spirit and values into the work you do!

09.27.10 Yummy! By Mary from Seattle

Thanks for making these bars. I'm an athlete with weird issues with sugar. It has been hard to find bars that don't have lots of added sugar and that actually taste good. These bars are so tasty and healthy. I'm hooked!

09.28.10 The best tasting bar I've EVER had!! By Elizabeth from San Diego

I'm not a big fan of bars because of all the crap that is normally put in them. I was hesitant to try the "Tanka" , uncertain of the taste not too mention I'm gluten intolerant, but when I did I knew immediately that is was the purest bar I've ever tasted. Just placed my first bulk order. YUM!

09.30.10 Summer Sausage By Anne from Portland

We were just on vacation out west and bought your summer sausage in Lead, SD. The best we have ever had!

The buffalo hot dogs sound intriguing - hope they are as tasty as the sausage...

We're from Portland, Maine...not "the other Portland!"

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