"Tasty product from a great company I'm happy to support" Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for December

January 03, 2014 1 Comment

The ladies of Bossy Acres farm in Northfield, MN, posted the above photo on Instagram of their recent Tanka purchase.

12.04.13 Great Bars to pack for a hike By Mike from South Hadley

While on vacation in South Dakota in September, I saw the Tanka bars next to the cash register at a store. Bought a couple and loved them. What a great idea for a product, looking forward to carrying them with me on hikes this winter.

12.11.13 Thank you! By Tricia from Kerrville

So glad to see that you still have the summer sausage! A friend introduced me and I love your products, now it's my turn to share you with others:).
Proud to be able to support you. Thank you for all you are doing!
With deep Metta,

12.16.13 Tanka Bites By Judith from Pompano Beach

I'm so glad to have gotten the email about the sale - I was trying to find the time to go on the website and order more Tanka products, and this made it easy! Plus I got to try the Apple Orange bites too. They sound delicious, and the taster pack is just the right size for a taste! Thanks!

12.17.13 great product, great company By Elizabeth from Pawtucket

I was just reminded of how delicious your jerky is when I received some samples at the Intertribal Agriculture Council meeting this past week. Tasty product from a great company I'm happy to support.

12.18.13 yummy By MaKai from Rio Linda

Not only do they taste good, they are also good for you. I'm a rower and I take these with me when I am out on the water. My teammates love them too, so I have to hide them.

12.19.13 Tanka Products By Julia from South Hamilton

I love your products. They are healthful and taste great. I also love the mission of your company. I have had nothing but positive experiences with this enterprise. I applaud your work. Julia

12.24.13 GREATEST GIFT EVER! By Sean from Chandler

I received a Tanka bar gift pack from my wife a few weeks ago and devoured it with relish. Now I am gifting them to everyone I know, so that the word and food go far and wide! Keep up the great work! A-ho!

12.28.13 Sweetgrass By Gregory from Philadelphia

Hey guys, love the product keep up the great work. I would love a sweetgrass braid if you have some and can add to my order. They are great for the car and remind me of my hometown

Love from your new Ho Chunk fan!

12.29.13 Amazing flavor! By Charles from San Francisco

I had seen your bars in a local grocery market and then heard a friend rave about them on social media. I bought one and am now hooked! Amazing flavor, super low calorie and minimal ingredients. Great job, just ordered a few boxes direct!

12.31.13 Tanka Sticks (apple orange peel) By Lynnda from Taylor

I really, REALLY like these Tanka Sticks. The flavor is great, and they don't contain the crappy artificial preservatives (and other additives) that most packaged meat products have.

Something yummy that isn't bad for me. Way to go, Tanka!

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For more about Tanka products: Tanka Bars, Bites, Sticks and Dogs

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