"Thanks for the great product! This mom loves that her kids are eating healthy!"

March 16, 2015 2 Comments

"Thanks for the great product! This mom loves that her kids are eating healthy!"

02.03.15 No Subject By Mary June from Deadwood

What a wonderful product for gift giving. Thanks for your superb product quality and excellent customer service!

0.04.15 Delicious! By Kelly from La Crescent

These are so yummy. I discovered them at my local health food coop, but it's much cheaper to order online direct. Thank you for providing a great product.

02.07.15 No Subject By Shannon from Twisp

I love this product! I originally found it at REI and was so glad to have them with me climbing pyramids in Mexico. Makes for great hiking food! Perfect for those of us who prefer to eat Paleo.

02.11.15 Tanka Jerky By Peter S.

I love the TankaFund Turkey, Buffalo, Cranberry Jerky. They are amazing!

02.17.15 My kids LOVE Tanka By Alison from Marietta

I have two children, an 8 year old son and an almost 6 year old daughter. They are both competitive gymnasts and very active children. They LOVE Tanka bars. They each take one to each practice they attend and it's one of their favorite snacks. I love that they are getting protein in them and that it tastes good too!

The only issue is how many Tanka bars they go through per month .... It's getting expensive. But it's worth it! Thanks for the great product! This mom loves that her kids are eating healthy!

02.21.15 We love Tanka bars! By Kathleen from Greenfield

So happy to find Tanka bars less expensive than in the local grocery store. I'll definitely be back.

02.21.15 amazing By Claire from Denver

I am on a very limited diet for auto immune problems and snacks with protein are difficult to find. I tried a Tanka bar and went back into the store and bought 10 more. Delicious and with no additives! I love the fact it helps the Pine Ridge

02.23.15 Son loves this stuff! By Tiana from BROOKLYN

My 2 year-old loves your buffalo jerky. It's the only meat he likes, and he sings about it:)

02.27.15 Tanka Wild Buffalo Snack Stick, Spicy, With Cranberry & Wild Rice By Teri from Williamsburg

These are fabulous! Healthy and tasty way to eat on the go. Our whole family loves these sticks and I don't have to worry about any added "garbage." Thank you for providing a healthy addition to our eating plan.

02.28.15 Discovery of your products! By India from Cullowhee

I happened across some of your products in an Enmark station the other day and was DELIGHTED with what I found! Oh I was so impressed with the quality of the bar that I had and I was so happy to support your mission at the same time as enjoying something that I was able to eat without worrying about my food allergies (I am gluten, dairy, and soy intolerant.) It was truly wonderful and I am so glad that I ordered a gift box for my family today :)

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