'The absolute BEST 'jerky' bars to be had ANYWHERE'

January 05, 2021

'The absolute BEST 'jerky' bars to be had ANYWHERE'
The following list is Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for February.

02.02.13 hello By Sheddy from Enfield

I am looking forward in trying your products, this is my first purchase. I was watching a lecture by David Getoff and he mentioned your products, this is how i learned of this website

02.04.12 Marketing By John from Bakersfield

You have a wonderful product. I stumbled upon it at a health food store by accident, and had never heard of it. I travel all over, and your sticks are now a staple of my very limited diet. You really should market it that it is gluten and soy free, and how much better it is for you than beef jerky. I love it.

02.11.13 Tanka Bars By randolph from prescott

I've enjoyed countless bars on hikes and long drives. Let's not forget just snacking around town:-)

The absolute BEST "jerky" bars to be had ANYWHERE!

Highly recommended product. Awesome taste!

02.18.13 No Subject By Peter from Mount Hope

I stumbled upon it at a health food store by accident, After trying your Tanka bits I was hooked. Thank the Creator for sharing this wonderful heritage and amazing Buffalo meat.

Mitakuye Oyasin!

02.18.13 No Subject By Kathleen from Gaithersburg

I tried a Tanka bar in a place in Harper's Ferry! This was amazing!! I've never had anything like it and that is why I'm buying more of these delicious buffalo and cranberry bars!!!!

02.21.13 Great Whole 30 Diet Option By Lisa from San Jose

I was drawn to this company because of the healthy and simple ingredients. I'm so happy that there is a healthy alternative to most junk that is sold to the public. I'm excited to try your products, I'll give a review once our family has had the opportunity to try them.

02.24.13 No Subject By Leigh from Maple City

These bars are great for traveling, and whenever you need a quick protein fix. (I wish they weren't so expensive, though!)

02.24.13 Tanks Bars By Tracy from Cambridge

Tanka Bars are an excellent snack for skiing, or any outdoor activity. A healthy, delicious protein boost just when you need it. Also great after your workout at the gym. Pilamaya!

02.27.13 TANKA FACEBOOK FRIEND By Nancy from Peterborough

I am so happy to hear that I can find Tanka products so close to where I live, but I just had to order something from your website. I love the video interview on your website!!

02.28.13 No Subject By Dustin from Waipahu

i recently discovered these! they are awesome. i can eat five of them at time and not feel bad about it.

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