"They are so much better than the other protein bars..." Tanka's Top 10 Customer Comments for September

October 03, 2013

Tanka fan Barb Inator sent in this photo on our Facebook page. She packed Tanka for her trip to Las Vegas to see the Mr. & Mrs. Olympia contest.

09.01.13 Tanka Bars & Tanka Dogs By MaKai from Rio Linda

There is nothing better after exercising then to have a nice Tanka Bar! The Tanka dogs are great, too. The big plus is seeing this company thrive. Many thanks for a wonderful product.

09.03.13 Great Product! By Stacey from Hoffman Estates

I am an endurance athlete, and I have been looking for something that is not sweet! Savory is just hard to find, but then I was at REI and saw the Tanka Bar, took it on my next hike and I was hooked! They give the sustained energy that I need, along with the right amount of sweet and savory! I am hiking the Grand Canyon in a few short weeks and I will be carrying Tanka Bars and Sticks with me for sure! Thank you for making such a great product-I am sharing them with every endurance athlete that I know!

09.12.13 Tanka Bars, Tanka Bites, Tanka Wild, Summer Sausage By Kim from Wichita

I love all of these...guess I should order some Tanka Dogs next. I bet I will love those too.

09.14.13 Great healthy snack By John from New York

I am a return customer. Tsalagi. Love your products!

09.16.13 New item to try: apple orange peel By Jane from MIAMI

Will let you know what I think. This sounds delicious.

09.22.13 Tanka Bar Traditional is great By Ralph A.

honestly the best tasting meat snack I've had. i like knowing i'm eating all natural high quality ingredients, and it's nice to be able to taste a great traditional recipe in a food product for today. can't wait to try the other Tanka products.

09.26.13 Fast service, and delicious By Justin from Bessemer

My wife and I are hooked on the spicy tanka bars. We also enjoy the regular tanka bars, sticks, bites, and of course the sausages...but are biggest fans of the spicy bars. Ordering from the website is relatively simple and order fulfillment is super quick!

09.27.13 tanka bars By Lisa from Jupiter

These are the absolute best for taking with you anywhere. I first heard about them from an article in a Golf magazine, and I have been ordering them ever since. They make great gifts as well!

09.28.13 Tanka = Awesome! By JC from Sammamish

Tanka Bars are an excellent snack, nutritious, filling and not filled with weird chemicals and made from tortured animals. I don't know what the Lakota word is for 'karma' but Tanka Bars contribute to good karma, I think. I always carry a couple in the pocket of my motorcycle riding jacket for those times when it's gonna be a while before I get back home.

09.29.13 Tanka Bars and Sticks By Catherine from PACIFICA

I first tried a Tanka bar in 2008 at the Smithsonian Native American Museum cafe. I needed something gluten free and low sugar.

These bars are unique. They are so much better than the other protein bars out there that are a mix of sugar, soy & whey protein (GMOs anyone?), and other fillers. The quality of the meat is top notch; the bar is mostly meat. It's a fabulous on the go snack. If you know you're not going to have a chance to eat high quality protein for a while, the Tanka bar is perfect to tide you over until you have time to cook or sit down to a meal.

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