"They're light, compact, well packaged, and delicious"

September 04, 2014

Our friend Chelsea of the traveling blogger group The Connoisseurs posted this great image on her Instagram of her enjoying our Tanka Bar line.

08.01.14 deeply in love with TANKA bars By Kelly from San Jose

At a convenience store during a long road trip through Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana, I encountered my first TANKA bar and I was immediately impressed. I eat a modified paleo/LCHF diet and this fit all the restrictions. It was sweet and meaty and I immediately wanted more. I had to wait until I could get internet service (sometimes difficult in South Dakota) before I could order some to be waiting for me when I get home. They will be a little taste of the road... and a perfect "memory food". Thank you for all the care you take when you make them.

08.09.14 Love the bars - wanted to try the sticks! By Ann from Park Falls

We are going on vacation and I have not tried the sticks. Order a couple to see which I should order in bulk before our trip. I will let you know which I like better! Thanks so much for providing a great product! Also love the free shipping on the deals. It really encourages people to give them a try! They are worth every penny!

08.12.14 Tanka buffalo bars By Lance from Philadelphia

I take these on long mountain bike rides as a better source of protein than regular energy bars. They're light, compact, well packaged, and delicious. You get what you pay for and these are worth the price.

08.17.14 Perfect little protein snack. By Johnette from Reno

My grandson has many food allergies. Thank goodness buffalo isn't one of them! He LOVES them for school snack.

08.19.14 Nutrition Education By Inter Tribal Sports from Temecula

Can't wait to get our order! Our league participants love the original Tanka Sticks. We're going to try the spicy for a few of our events. Hopefully they can take the heat!

08.27.14 Tanka Products By Carol from Oak Ridge

I have had all 3 flavors of Tanka Bars and they are very tasty and satisfying.

This is a snack which will not leave you feeling hungry.

Looking forward to the other products
Glad to order direct!

08.29.14 Excellent Web Site By Floyd from Phoenix

I read about your business in the Costco Magazine. I decided to try your products! Your web site is very user-friendly! Very informative also! Great job!

08.29.14 Supporting an awesome company. By Guest Tonya from Medford

My family (mother & sister) are from pine ridge. So I know how important it is to support "home" . Thanks for giving people a chance they need it . I will be one of your biggest fans. Awesome job, and a wonderful product. Thanks T

08.30.14 Trying Tanka By Hope from Bethesda

I read about Tanka bars in the Costco Connection. I trust Costco quality and I am interested in supporting Native American enterprise. Healthy, gluten-free foods are important to me.

I look forward to tasting your product.

08.30.14 Tanka bars By Ann from Park Falls

We tried the sticks which are good too, but we love the chewy sweet flavor of the cranberry and orange peel bars. Buying the value pack for an easy snack and great to take on our trip. Thanks for making such a great product!

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