"We have always loved Tanka Bars and enjoy sharing them with others"

January 05, 2015

Tanka fan @meganemyers
 on Instagram welcomes guests to her South Dakota home with SD products -- Tanka included!

12.04.14 New to product By John from Cincinnati

I have not yet received my first order but I'm very excited about an all natural product produced by a Native American company. Wishing you much success with all of your products and hoping to see that they take off huge with the general population. Best of luck!

12.04.14 Love'em! By Gary from Brentwood

Tanka Bars were part of my 65 pound weight loss program. I love'em! One bar and a bottle of water is a great meal on the run and destroys my hunger pangs!

12.14.14 DELICIOUS treats - the perfect gift! By Gwen from San Jose

We've enjoyed Tanka bars since we discovered them 6 months ago, and now that the holiday season's here their gift baskets are the perfect gift for far-away relatives. Who doesn't like a delicious basket of fine-quality jerky?!

12.14.14 GO TANKA.. KEEPING IT REAL By Peter from Santa Barbara

It is a blessing to see a CPG company born and raised on the Reservation actually kicking some **** in this country. Products look and taste great. Congrats.!! Happy Holidays.

12.15.14 Good Eats! By Bridgette from Sister Bay

This food source is exceptional on many levels. Not only is it sourced locally it is also deliciously satisfying!

12.16.14 yum By Ali from Woodbridge

I wish I could find your bars at the local grocery store! For now they are a treat whenever we pop in to REI. Can't wait to surprise my fiance with a whole basket!

12.18.14 South Dakota's best! By Cheryl from Eugene

I've moved away from SD, but am still happy to send Tanka products to loved ones. They can't be beat!

12.20.14 a suggestion By Maureen from Wheaton

We have always loved Tanka Bars and enjoy sharing them with others. Have you considered creating a gift pack that has just one of each of your products in it? That's really what we were looking for. Thanks for making such a great product! Merry Christmas!

12.21.14 Tanka and Paleo....GREAT FIT. By Franklin from Old Greenwich

I have been eating Tanka bars for about a year, ever since I adopted the Paleo Diet. They are really great.

I was introduced to buffalo because of this. I now eat 40z's of Buffalo Steak for breakfast four days a weak.

Thanks Tanka Guys.

12.28.14 Perfect for Kids By Paige from Phoenix

The BEST way to get excellent protein into your kids while on the go without having to worry about keeping it cold! Great for the plane, car, camping, and the quick fix while hiking!

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