Bison World magazine features the Tanka story this month

January 05, 2021 2 Comments

Bison World magazine features the Tanka story this month
Bison World magazine just published an article on Tanka Bar written by our director of marketing and communications, Linda Crider.

The National Bison Association produces the quarterly magazine and is an incentive to members. You can read the full story, which highlights where our company is in 2012 and how far we have come, at the links below.

Bison Story Page 1

Bison Story Page 2

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Allen John Mac Kenzie
Allen John Mac Kenzie

November 08, 2021

Hello Mark,
i don´t know if you remeber me –
we met many years ago at the Anuga trade fair in Germany. I would be very interested in bringing the product to Germany. We import High Quallity Beef ourselves and I think it would fit great into our portfolio. Do you see a possibility here – or is it at all desirable?

I would be very happy about a message.

kind regards


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