Native diabetes program in Milwaukee uses sustainable garden to promote health

May 03, 2012

Native diabetes program in Milwaukee uses sustainable garden to promote health

Tanka Bar recently donated products to the Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center's (GLIIHC) Diabetes Program Garden Project in Milwaukee, WI. At a recent Health & Garden Workshop hosted by the Native American Student Movement and GLIIHC, students made newspaper seedling pots, signed up for the garden club, learned about the health benefits of gardening, and enjoyed the Tanka Bars for a healthy & traditional snack option.

Rose, Oneida, with a few of the seedlings the students planted in newspaper pots at the workshop.

GLIIHC works to support the health, peace, and welfare of Milwaukee's American Indian community. The organization accomplishes this, in part, by collaborating with Native and non-native organizations and individuals to foster garden health promotion and disease prevention activities.

Orleann Caldwell, of Menominee descent, smudges the attendees at the garden's first Three Sisters Ceremony last year.

At the Native Wellness Garden, community members of all ages come together to grow good food for themselves, the weekly elder cooking program and those in need. The season starts with a Three Sisters Ceremony and ends in the fall with the Harvest Celebration.

To learn more visit

You can follow GLIIHC on Facebook at

Huston Wheelock, Oneida, cuts the ribbon at the
Three Sisters Ceremony last year.

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