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Primal Wisdom blogger calls Tanka Bites 'New Paleo Snack Food'

December 16, 2010

Primal Wisdom blogger calls Tanka Bites 'New Paleo Snack Food'
Don Matesz, owner/acupuncturist/herbalist/nutritionist at Barefoot Acupuncture Clinic in Phoenix, and blogger over at Primal Wisdom, posted a review of our Tanka Bites.

Mr. Matesz wrote:

"If you are looking for a real food snack suitable for paleo diet/primal diet, I can highly recommend Tanka Bars and Tanka Bites, a product of Native American Natural Foods...Compared to regular jerky the Tanka Bites have a softer texture that gives way easily to a bite with the incisors."

Read the rest of the review at donmatesz.blogspot.com.com.

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