Retailer Shout Out: Pharmaca

April 06, 2021 1 Comment

Retailer Shout Out: Pharmaca

Now you can find your Tanka fix across the United States at several Pharmaca stores! 

Pharmaca offers, "...An open-minded approach to medicine and inspire health in the lives of our customers, ourselves and the world."

The company believes in being an environmentally conscious business and sustainable materials throughout their store. 

Learn more about Pharmaca on their website:


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deirdre biltagi
deirdre biltagi

April 16, 2021

hello i saw u on pbs southern california. i loved your story. many people feel with native americans and i want to suggest that you desplay and sell your products in dubai global village. in the united arab emirates. its fasinating and your heritage is incredible. also, dubai in the uae is having a world expo next year and maybe u can sell your products there. you would be very surprised how native american products are loved worldwide.

i hope this can help you. thanks for reading.

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