Story of healing sparked by Tanka published in new 'Paleo Miracle' book

January 04, 2021

Story of healing sparked by Tanka published in new 'Paleo Miracle' book
Sometimes comedic, but always candid, I started a blog series here at Tanka Bar covering my journey of gaining health through following the paleo/primal lifestyle.

If you aren't familiar with paleo, I'll give you the briefest description I can: Just Eat Real Food (JERF). Don't eat grains. Don't be afraid of the good fats. Drop refined sugars. Move.

My journey started in November 2010, not too long after I started working here. If it weren't for my employment at Tanka Bar, I'm not sure I would have started following this lifestyle. I noticed many of our fans were paleo or primal (fairly the same thing pretty much but includes dairy) and I got curious. I started going primal following Mark Sission's book The Primal Blueprint. Later in my progress I went mostly paleo but I include occasional grass-fed cheeses and butter.

Since then I have managed an autoimmune thyroid condition called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis without medication by following paleo and lost 20 pounds. I'm not advocating that everyone do this. I'm just sharing what helped me. And I will tell you it wasn't easy and I won't fool you into thinking I didn't trip up along the way. But it comes down to how badly you want to feel good. Nonetheless everything changed for me. I simply feel better.

Because of this life transition, my story has been included in a new book called The Paleo Miracle: 50 Real Stories of Health Transformation, which was compiled and edited by Joseph Salama and Christina Lianos.

I am happy to say that many of the people who share their inspiring stories are people I know or have the pleasure of calling my friends. One thing a support group like that can do is help you realize that giving up isn't an option because you see the difference it has made in the lives of its members. It fires you up to pick yourself back up if you fall. But ultimately wanting it for yourself has to come first.

The changes I went through, all the way to my daily routine or a special dinner out, were challenging. Sometimes they still are! But I don't have the desire to go back to the way I used to live: low energy, constantly bingeing on sugar and relying on processed foods daily. I still will never forget when I didn't let a week go by without those frosted sugar cookies you see in any grocery store right when you walk inside the door.

It's exciting being a part of The Paleo Miracle - mostly because it kind of holds you accountable! But really, and more importantly, I hope that my story can inspire others to change the things that aren't benefiting their lives.


You can get a copy of The Paleo Miracle at

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