Student and entrepreneur stops by headquarters to film documentary

January 05, 2021 3 Comments

Student and entrepreneur stops by headquarters to film documentary

Nicholas Weiland, an anthropology major at the University of South Dakota, visited our headquarters in Kyle, SD, and interviewed our CEO, Karlene Hunter. He is currently shooting a documentary for a class on society and animals.

"The premiss of the film is the transition and history the Sioux and other tribes of the plains have made from having an abundant resource of bison, to almost no bison, to where it stands today and what is in store for the future," Weiland wrote our director of marketing, Linda Crider, prior to his visit.

Weiland is also a small business owner who owns a restaurant called Parker's Bistro in Sioux Falls, SD. He said it receives ample local support and everything on the menu is made in-house.

We will update the site with a link to the documentary once he is finished and sends it to us. Stay tuned.

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