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Tanka Bars on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation creates success, jobs

January 04, 2021

Tanka Bars on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation creates success, jobs

Sioux Falls, SD, television station KSFY interviewed the Tanka team earlier this month. Reporter Courtney Collen was doing a story on Tanka for the station's "Made in South Dakota" feature.

The story finally aired this week, which you can see in the video above and read about it here: Made in South Dakota.

Our business manager Dawn Sherman showed the news team the Tanka warehouse where we shipped out our products. Ms. Collen also interviewed our CEO Karlene Hunter. A great quote from Ms. Hunter is below.

"This is my home, my children, grandchildren are all raised here, they're still here. This is our home. We need to create opportunities for Lakota people so ours don't have to move away or live in substandard conditions," she said. "That's only through commitment in private business that anything will ever change."

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