Tanka connects with Native businesses and leaders at first RES Oklahoma

January 05, 2021 3 Comments

Tanka was proud to be part of the Intertribal Agricultural Council's booth for RES Oklahoma at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa last week.

Members of the NCAIED board cut the ribbon introducing the RES OK Procurement & Business Expo.

This was the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development Center's first regional Reservation Economic Summit. Linda Crider, Tanka director of marketing and communications, and I enjoyed meeting several members of the NCAIED board (our CEO Karlene Hunter is also a board director) and interacted with businesses involved in Indian Country.

Linda Crider in our IAC booth with Zachary Ducheneaux, IAC Program Director.

"Since this was the first regional Res conference, we didn't know what to expect. We were really pleased with the numbers of participants and the response we got from them," Linda said. "We were also happy to help represent the Intertribal Agriculture Council and its Amerian Indian Foods program in the booth. That program has been very helpful in helping us build the Tanka brand and in growing Native American Natural Foods."

The biggest takeaway I got from the event was the exuberance of the attendees' goal of getting economic development on the forefront of Indian Country. Many of them were fans of Tanka and visited our booth quite a few times!

Everett Fruehling, attorney at Christensen O'Connor Johnson
Kindness PLLC in Seattle, WA.

We even ran into our business manager Dawn Sherman's aunt, Cynthia Tiger. It just so happened to be Rock Your Mocs day and she wanted to make sure we caught a snapshot of hers (see photo below).

Thanks so much to the Intertribal Agriculture Council for allowing us to work their booth at RES Oklahoma and we appreciate being able to showcase our products at such a worthy event.

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