Tanka Spotlight: Onnit Labs

January 05, 2021 2 Comments

Tanka Spotlight: Onnit Labs


Since our launch in October 2007, we have been privileged to work with outstanding retail partners. These folks are so passionate about their businesses and their customers we decided we needed to share their unique stories. If you'd like to be featured, or if you'd like to nominate a Tanka retailer for a story, please contact Jenice Johnson at jenicejohnson@tankabar.com.

Onnit Labs has been a wonderful retail partner for Tanka. They are a total health optimization online store that features Tanka products as well as other high-performance food items, supplements and fitness equipment. Onnit also exports outside of the United States and has additional locations in Europe, Australia and Canada as well as their Austin, TX, headquarters. They also have several store locations all over the US that carry their products. Below is a brief Q&A with Onnit CEO Aubrey Marcus and be sure to watch the video above that features their team reviewing Tanka.

Tanka Bar: Briefly share the history of your business. How long has it been around?

Onnit Labs: Onnit was founded in 2010, but really began to establish our identity around July of 2011 where we set a course to be a brand and company synonymous with human optimization and peak performance.

TB: What makes your online store stand out from the others?

OL: Onnit.com is not a catalogue of random items. Everything we sell is carefully selected to represent the very best available in the world, with the goal in offering the tools necessary for people to achieve peak performance. Our panel of doctors, experts, professional athletes and our most valuable asset: our customers have ensured that we are providing crucial elements of health, food, and fitness at the best possible value to allow individuals to maintain a state of optimized performance at an affordable price.

TB: What are some valuable lessons you learned starting and/or managing your business?

OL: The most valuable tenet of the Onnit philosophy is complete honesty and transparency with our customers. If we make a mistake, we go out and tell our customers about it. There are no secrets between us and those who shop with us, other than the top secret plans about the great products we will be coming out with in the future! Our customers are like our family, and to keep the family dynamic healthy, honesty must be a priority.

TB: Tell me something interesting or fun about the communities you serve.

OL: We have supported not only some of the best athletes in the world, but also sponsored many individuals on the ground level of their organizations as well. Additionally, with the help of our customers we raised over $17,000 to aid in the hurricane sandy relief through the Salavation Army.

TB: What do your customers think about Tanka Bars?

OL: From the moment they hit the site, the Tanka Spicy Buffalo Cranberry Bar has been a huge hit. Our athletes in particular have taken to them including Olympic BMX rider Khalen Young, and racquetball 7-time World Champion Kane Waselenchuk. Kane has even been heard joking that he loves all of our supplements but if he had to live with only one thing for the rest of his life it would be the Tanka Bar!

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