Tanka exhibiting at Reservation Economic Summit, July 19-21, in Las Vegas

July 15, 2021



Native American Natural Foods will be exhibiting at the upcoming RES 2021
Conference and Trade Show. Hosted by the National Center for American Indian
Enterprise Development (NCAIED), RES is the largest event of the year that focuses on the development of American Indian enterprises.

Phillip Gaudon, Tanka’s director of sales, will be participating in a panel hosted
by American Indian Foods, a program of the Intertribal Agriculture Council for
American Indian food businesses to showcase their products and share Tribal cultures with the world.

In addition to educational sessions and panels, the event features tribal leaders,
members of Congress, federal agency representatives, state and local officials
and top CEOs on a national platform.

To learn more about RES, visit: res.ncaied.org.

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