The Associated Press: SD snack maker expects growth with Whole Foods

February 14, 2012

The Associated Press: SD snack maker expects growth with Whole Foods
buffaloThe Associated Press writer Kristi Eaton wrote about Native American Natural Foods product, the Tanka Bar, and approval into Whole Foods Market locations nationwide. Please note, although approved nationwide, not every Whole Foods sells Tanka products yet and it is up to each store to carry them.

The story has already been published on CBS Money Watch:

Here are some excerpts from her story:

"It's wonderful when you see a company - start it from scratch - see it grow from consumer direct and then distribution and then products go out to retailers. And then we see it get to chains," co-owner Karlene Hunter said. "Whole Foods was just sort of icing on the cake and exemplifies all the work the company has been doing and fruits of the labor."

"Theo Weening, global meat coordinator at Whole Foods, said the company became interested three or four years ago in offering Tanka Bars as part of its growing selection of buffalo products.

Weening said he likes the story behind the bar and the positive effect the company is having on the Pine Ridge community."

To see the full story: Associated Press

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